Which one would you get?

  1. I haven't liked anything from Coach in a REALLY long time. The Ali Leather Shoulder Flap caught my eye and has me hooked!

    I was planning on getting the Illovo MM next from my wishlist.

    Which one would you choose? I'm carefully planning my purchases so that I only buy what I absolutely love and have room for. This was an unplanned find, and I am really torn. It will push my LV purchases (goals?) off to later on in the year, too.

    I'm attaching a picture of the Coach bag.
  2. I'd go with the Illovo:shame:
  3. Not a fan of Coach, so my vote is towards the Illovo MM.

    Also, you're posting this question in an LV forum... you're more than likely going to get all votes towards the LV bag.
  4. I have the Ali Flap in Whiskey leather - - this is one classy bag!!!
  5. but of course, LV:graucho:
  6. Ya know what my vote is.
  7. yup yup. another vote for LV here.
  8. I like both Coach and LV. I would steer you to the Coach only because Coach tends to rotate their bags more frequently than LV...the Legacy line is extremely popular though, and black is a basic color (I have two of the other styles in this line, one signature, and one leather) so it may be around a bit longer, but you never know.
  9. I know, but I feel more comfortable in this forum.
  10. LV all the way! Can't be beat!
  11. I'm not a coach fan other than for their accessories. However I'm not in love w/ illovo either, it's ok, not great. I do like all the other bags you have in your wishlist though a lot! I love the jasmin in red, epi petit noe and bh(I have the bv though), and you can't ever go wrong w/ a pochette. The deauville is such a cool shape too, but a little big for my taste, I'm more of a trouville lover. GL! LV overall is a way better investment, if you tire of it, you can resell it on eBay w/ out much if any loss on it, but the illovo isn't a popular eBay bag, but the bh and jasmin do really great on eBay as resellers.
  12. hey, I just noticed that we are both on a purse ban until Sep. how cool is that?! I found a purse ban buddy who fits my time line. Is this illovo the purchase you intend for Sep.? I am planning on a red epi speedy 25 w/ silver hardware from ebay. I may have to wait though for it bec. silver is rare to find used on ebay since it's the newer style. But at least I can start looking in Sep. and if one pops up I'll grab it. In the mean time I really am content w/ the ones I have.
  13. I agree and also I've never liked Coach.. LV is so much better:sweatdrop:
  14. :yes:
  15. The Coach Legacy bags are very nice. I purchased a legacy shoulder bag in pond back in February. But, I had to return it to fund my LV purchases in March. If I have to pick between LV and Coach, I would definitely go with LV.