which one would you get? Sorry...can't decide

  1. :confused1: The Black Denim Cabby GM or the Manhattan GM??? I love both for different reasons, I just can't make up my mind. What do you all think?? thanks much;) Also, do you think the Manhattan GM is too bulky and cumbersum (sp?) to being carrying around as an everday bag.
  2. I'd def. get the Manhattan Gm. It's a beautiful bag and looks so chic.
  3. I love the looks of the Manhattan GM, but every time I carry it around the store I get turned off by that strap. I just can't deal with wrestling with that strap every time I want to get into my bag. I'm slow enough at checkout already.

    I love my cabby, and it went everywhere with me on vacation and was incredibly easy to use. And I received a ton of compliments.
  4. Do you have other mono bags? If not, I would get the Manhattan GM, but if you do, then I would get the cabby.
  5. I'd say the Manhattan...its so classy!
  6. They are both beautiful bags ... the manhattan GM is a lot heavier though. I only have the PM and I hardly use it because it does get heavy after a while because of the hardware. I use my cabby more because it's more user friendly imo, and much easier everyday bag. I love how it can be carried by hand, crook of your arm, shoulder and messenger style.
    Could you possibly go to the boutique and try both on?
  7. The Manhattan GM. Its beautiul in person, and it can def be used as an everyday bag. Plus you know that it will last you for decades. I know that all Louis Vuitton products are of high quality, but at the end of the day the Cabby is denim.
  8. Tha Manhattan! I'm in LVOE with this bag!
  9. I'd go for the cabby!!!
  10. The Manhattan GM is a beauty!!!
  11. manhattan but I prefer the smaller size:smile:
  12. ^^Agree with above-- I like the Manhattan PM (even though I usually love big bags). If you don't like the PM, I'd go with the Neo Cabby -- it looks really cool too, and it seems more user-friendly. The GM Manhattan felt bulky and not totally practical for an every day bag.
  13. I guess I'm one to differ here, but I've never had that love affair with the Manhattan and I think the Cabby is great and less worry for the Spring/Summer when you're in places that you can't be to careful about your bags at; resorts, vacations, hot summer shopping...
  14. I love both bags but I'd get the Cabby. I have the Cabby and I think it's a great bag!
  15. i can understand being torn over more th one bag. the truth of lv- is that there is no one bag... but anyway-- imo; manhattan is more classic and the cabby, being denim is more casual. so which one would suit u more? think about ur job- lifestyle and this might help u decide.
    ye the manhattan is heavy- but the bags all r heavy. goodluck!