which one would you get? MC speedy or MC alma?


which one, Black mc speedy or alma?

  1. black mc alma?

  2. black mc speedy?

  3. multicolore is so over, pick something else!

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  1. I am entertaining getting a black multicolore alma or speedy and can't decide which one I like more. Which do you prefer? I wonder which would be more comfortable as well, and my guess is the speedy. I have read on here that some find the alma not as comfy when worn over the lower arm and is more of a handheld bag. I mostly wear my speedies on my lower arm as I'm holding things or kids, lol, in my hands. Thanks for your input! I discovered LV a little late(and didn't get mc out of my system yet) so I wonder even if mc is really so hot anymore. But I reason if they are coming out w/ new styles(auriella, ursula, etc.) then it's got to be hot still! But I'm curious to know if anyone thinks it's reached it's shelf life.

    I won't be getting this bag for so long from now, the red epi speedy 30 is next on the list for Sep.
  2. Hmm I have and love both (I hold them both the same way, alternating between the crook of my arm and handheld) but I'd go with the Speedy if you're concerned with the vachetta on the bottom of the Alma. Mine is a gorgeous honey color now after having it for 3 years though. :yes:
  3. Speedy!

    TBH I'm not a fan of the Alma in MC, epi on the other hand....
  4. thnx Rebecca for your vote and comment! I'm def. leaning a bit more towards the speedy. I'm used to that shape and the vach. free bottom is appealing. On a difft. note I've gone primp hogwild, lol! I'm up to 9 thermals, added black swan(weird stones on it though), pink strawberry, red and gray sailboats, red checkered hearts and an aqua bunny vest that only has 3 bunnies on it. I ruined my horsehead and frog thermals in the wash! That is what spurred the replacements. I think I made up for them, lol. I think I'm done!
  5. speedy!
  6. Thanks spangle, I love epi speedy too! hope to add one eventually, I like it in yellow and mandarin!
  7. thnx for your comment mrsjimmyh, looks like speedy is winning!
  8. Speedy :smile:
  9. No problem!
    Haha congrats! I'm sorry about the other 3 but you got some great ones. I love the stones on the swan, they're pearly. Anyway also, they're coming out with birds (like canaries sitting on a branch) and seahorses. I want to go to Bloomies or Nordies soon to check them out.
  10. I'm voting for Alma! I think the MC Alma is gorgeous - especially in black. Plus it's $500 cheaper than the Speedy! :graucho:
  11. Speedy :love:
  12. speedy! i only like the alma in damier and epi.
  13. IMO the MC Speedy is a little too bling-y, so I choose the Alma! But seriously, either one's a winner so enjoy your decision!!!
  14. I am a speedy in black MC lover. I almost took the plunge but I already have a black MC petite noe.
  15. I'm lusting for the black mc alma, so that's my choice!