Which one would you get: Caviar White Flap GHW or Anniv Reissue White

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  1. I wish to add a white purse but am torn between these 2. I don't have white for either the flap or reissue.

    On one hand, this vintage white flap with GHW is rare to come by....yet the anniv reissue is equally a gem (to me)...both are in excellent condition...

    I only wish to get one white, which would you vote? :smile:
  2. if you only want white, than i would go with the caviar flap!
  3. oooh, so tough! ummm.... i think i'm going w/ the reissue coz i prefer white w/ silver -- clean & crisp! i guess your gold fix could be satisfied by yer beige clair...? though if you still crave for a white gh, i read somewhere that hirsh is taking pre-orders of the combo :graucho:
  4. Thank you rachael and purse-nality.
    oh, there's white caviar and GHW combi!!!! Def worth considering. :biggrin:

    On a side note, I actually find the reissue an 'easier' purse to handle than caviar...the opening of the purse is so much less rigid. :P
  5. flap
  6. Reissue all the way!!
  7. I would go for the caviar flap :smile:
  8. reissue
  9. My vote is for caviar since it is easier to keep clean. White shows all the dirt and you can easily wipe the caviar leather. The reissue needs a little bit more TLC.
  10. I prefer the reissue
  11. I actually don't like the reissue caviars that much. The lambskins yet, but not the look of the caviars. White + silver is simply divine to me, so please get the reissue. :biggrin:
  12. It's 5 votes for caviar and 4 for reissue!!
    Thank you ladies for the help. :biggrin:
    I'm still pretty indecisive...gotta think through it couple of days...
  13. i don't think you would go wrong with either but i prefer the reissue and i have both.
  14. Both are gorgeous! I would say Reissue!
  15. The Anniversary white reissue isn't a true, sparkling white - more of a light stone colour.

    (Although I've not seen the one you're after) My vintage white lambskin is much whiter.