Which one would you get, and why?

  1. A lot of us LV lovers tend to buy the most limited bags, but there are some of us who go for more the mor expensive over the limited. As a collector of LV items, why would you choose the more limited item over the more expensive permanent collection item? Or why would you choose the more expensive permanent item over the limited one?

    Confused yet? :rolleyes:
  2. Ummm....I just buy what I love. I don't care if it's limited or not or very expensive. I have a mono and azur speedy that are cheaper and I have a neo cabby MM which is more expensive. I have 2 LE pieces, but I bought them because I love them....not because they're limited. They're the patchwork speedy and mirage speedy. Yes, I'm a speedy lover!!!! LOL
  3. I'd buy the one I loved the most! I don't buy anything just because it's limited or expensive...if I don't like it, I pass.
  4. LEs have a certain appeal, but i won't buy one if i don't like it. i'm mostly a "buy if i like how it looks and functions" kind of gal.

    i don't think i ever buy a bag just cause its expensive.
  5. i buy only when i know i'll use it. LE or more expensive is not "useful" to me if i'm not going to use it because it's LE/ more expensive ;)
  6. I buy bags because I like the style or if it's something I can use and keep for a long time. If it just happened to be an LE piece then that would be a plus....
  7. ya I agree with the others. *I* buy mostly what I LIKE. I don't buy things JUST because it's LE. In fact many permanent collection bags are much prettier than *some* LE bags imo:yes:
  8. I just buy what I LoVe regardless of whether it's and L.E. :biggrin:
  9. I just buy what appeals to me regardless of it being LE or expensive or inexpensive for that matter ... all of my bags I bought because I fell in love with them and actually saw myself using it.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. I agree. I think that monetary value doesn't come into play when it comes to actually enjoying what you buy. It seems that a few members on here do seem to brag when it comes to how much they paid for a bag and that's a complete turn off. I asked this question because I am considering the Alma Voyage MM and the Suhali Lockit MM. Both are very different and the Alma Voyage is becoming limited because it's not being produced anymore. The Lockit is great, but it's just too much for one bag for me right now. I could handle it, but I try to stay under $2,200 for just one bag.
  11. :confused1:

    buy what you like. do not buy just to impress.
  12. I'd more likely go for something from the permanent collection because they're classics, and okay I do admit to the odd twinset in my wardrobe. I'd rather pay a bit more for a bag with a longer/more useful lifespan ... not that some LEs don't answer that description, but they do tend to be the more flamboyant bags.
  13. I like most ^^ buy what I love not coz it's LE
  14. Buy what you like. In the end you're the one that has to carry it. If you get a bag just because it's LE or expensive you're not going to enjoy it because you don't want to mess it up or it won't function for you. No matter how much money you have, you should never waste it.
  15. I buy what I like, but I will be honest, it also is nice to have some LE items that not everyone has. However, I will never buy an LE item that I do not love just because it is LE, I have passed on many of these items in the past because I don't buy to impress others, I buy to make myself happy!