Which one would you choose

  1. I need help picking my next bag. please share your opinions ladies. Thanks:biggrin: I really like the ursla and the black julia.
    [​IMG]Marc jacobs mia polina[​IMG]Ursla[​IMG]julia in black or white[​IMG]
  2. My vote is for the Julia in white. Very pretty.
  3. Julia in White for me too. Gorgeous and classy.
  4. Ditto. Julia in white. I do like the Julia in black too though but not as much as the white. It's so lovely! :love:
  5. I like the Julia in either black or white.
  6. I like the Julia in white but I think bowler in midnight is pretty too..
  7. Either the julia in white or the ursla. I like both.
  8. Julia...but i'm not sure which color, I like both black & white
  9. Julia in white
  10. WOw, a lot of votes for Julia, I don't know now since I already have a spring bag ( my gucci pelham). I really like the blue ursla too, then again there is green and black. Which bag will transcend the seasons? I do love how the zipper opens on the bottom of the julia though, it's reminiscent of the versace biker bag.
    I also saw a lot of pics of Mischa barton carrying the black ursla in people style watch magazine today. It looks super cute on her. oh I wish I can get both. haha
  11. I like the Ursla, I'm all about texture and quilted will stay classic forever!
  12. i say the ursla; i really like the leather's texture and that color!
  13. I like the quilted look too but not on the Ursula. Maybe a Venetia or a Blake?? I'm currently looking for a quilted Blake;)

    So, out of your choices, my pick is the white Julia.
  14. Julia in white.

    White handbags are in, and I feel like the shape will wear better than your other choices.
  15. I would choose the Ursula (it's the one I want!). I love the "midnight" color!