which one would you choose?

  1. A white MC Speedy or a black Denim Cabby GM?
  2. I am not a MC fan so it would have to be the black bag!
  3. I'm the opposite I prefer the speedy to the cabby
  4. hmmm, i had the black gm neo cabby and wasnt feeling it at all! I am not a fan of MC, BUT the speedy is really gorgeous, I think speedy!
  5. Howcome you were not feeling the Cabby?..just curious. thanks
  6. White MC Speedy definitely!
  7. cabby!
  8. lol... I thought I have already convinced you to keep the Neo Cabby at the clubhouse. Let me do it again.... KEEP THE BLACK NEO CABBY GM!!!!!
  9. Definitely the cabby. I think it's just more comfortable since you have two options on how to carry it, and it just isn't as *loud*.
  10. mc speedy is more glamorous! somehow black denim cabby never really catches my eyes
  11. You make a good point ayla that you can carry it both ways. But... I still love the MC speedy.
  12. MC speedy!
  13. If you want something elegant, go for the MC speedy. But if you want something casual, then the cabby.. Reminder: MC is a bit heavy
  14. Cabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. cabby!