Which One Would You Choose???



  1. Teal Baby Cabas

  2. Dark Silver Sharpei Flap

  3. Black GST with g/h

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  1. Hello ladies, I don’t know about you but when it comes to Chanel there are just too many options :rolleyes:. Which is a good thing, but then again it can be difficult to make a decision :shrugs:. So here I am contemplating about what Chanel handbag I want to purchase next :confused1:. It’s going to be my second Chanel since last September and I'm on the verge of exploding in excitement :p. For reference, I'm 19 and 5'2". I already have the White Caviar Jumbo Flap with classic chain as a starter, now I’m looking for a tote bag :love:. Let's make it short, there are three options (Teal Baby Cabas, Dark Silver Sharpei Flap, and Black GST with g/h), which one would you choose and why:graucho:?
  2. I love the Baby Cabas but not so sure about Teal. I would pick Dark Silver Sharpei Flap. The black GST might be too big for your height.
  3. good luck! those first 2 bags are terribly HTF right now and they are lovely bags!! i have the black baby cabas and i love her!
  4. bagchic1: thank you for your input. Yeah, I wasn't sure about the teal color either, personally, I like the khaki baby cabas so much more but when I tried it on, it seems pretty stiff to me. And I definitely like teal more than black.
  5. I like the teal baby cabas - especially for where you live. Black GST would be nice, too.
  6. Black GST to add to your white jumbo (great combination of bags} and then venture into different colors. GST is not too big for you....:heart:H
  7. ladydeluxe: lol... I'm sure you don't know this yet but the reason why I am drawn into baby cabas was after seeing your modeling pix with it (the one with the Catherine Malandrino Bubble top and the Bottega Veneta heels). I also understand that the first two options are pretty hard to find at this point (not to mention that I just realized Larkie gave up her Dark Silver Sharpei recently, if I have known it earlier, I would have asked her to sell it to me.) Now I'm mad at myself for knowing it too late :crybaby:.
  8. it is a toughie between the teal baby cabas and the GST w/ gold hw... honestly i would not know which to choose if i had the option. i was insanely obssessed with the teal baby cabas but there were none left when i finally found out about it. so i got a GST and i am in love with it now. Gst is also a timeless soooo.... i went with GST..

    where are you getting a teal baby cabas from?!
  9. I vote teal cabas. I have it an LOVE it. The color is actually very neutral and I wear it with everything. Plus, it a less common color and the chance of running into somone with that bag are slim compared to the bronze and black.
  10. no way, i am 5'2" and the GST is not too big on me.. i think i have a pic of it in the 'chanel in action' thread..
  11. abitobling: yeah, I think San Diego would be a perfect place for that lovely teal baby cabas. Btw, it's really nice here, sunny and about 75 F.
  12. i love the baby cabas and the teal is really lovely but i prefer black or khaki~
  13. The Gst I Find To Not Be Practical Due To Straps Falling Off, And I Think The Coco Cabas Is Young Looking For All Ages.
  14. the teal baby cabas is TDF. It's young and hip and fresh in that color. Wish I could have gotten my hands on one!
  15. habanerita: I really like your "combination" idea.

    sweet_pees: Thank you for your comment. To answer you question, I will be able to get the teal baby cabas from a close friend, she just got it recently but thinking of giving it up for something else. I'm not really sure where she got it from in the first place (it might have been Hongkong I believe). And yes, I don't think the GST look big on me at all, that's why it's one of my options.

    south: I have to agree with you that the teal baby cabas will pop out in the crowd.