Which one would you choose? Twiggy or First style?

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  1. if nothing else matters, twiggy or first? Pros? Cons?
  2. I really like the shape of the first, it has more details seems more special, now it's really small too small for an everyday bag now that's me.

    I carry a LV Zippy organizer as wallet so there would be nearly no space for anything else, but I would love to get a naturel or ivory one some day.

    The twiggy seems more practical as an everday bag it seems to be able to hold a lot and you can also dress her up...
  3. that's why i'm torn, i like the First style better, but it just doesn't seem practical at all, not sure if i can carry twiggy over my shoulder though...um...thanks for the input:smile:
  4. i say the twiggy...i have a first and more often than not i pick my city or another bigger bag over the first....catcat's right on if you have a big wallet or somehting it will eat up all the space....but if you dont carry a lot of stuff go for the first! I like the way the first looks better than the twiggy.
  5. Twiggy for me as I'm intending to get one from the SS07 :P But tt aside, I agree with the other 2 ladies...twiggy is a great size esp w small children when u need to bring almost the kitchen sink along.....
  6. Well, the first is my favorite bag, but I usually don't carry a lot. If you need more space, go with a twiggy.
  7. You can't carry near enough in the first, but I do love the style more than the twiggy though. I'm used to my work so my firsts suffer and sit in the closet. If you don't carry all that much, the first is perfect. What about a city since you like the style better? :smile:
  8. I only use my first for a night out. Twiggy seems alot more practical.
  9. I love the first. It's perfect for days when I don't need to bring EVERYTHING. It fits my (small) wallet, phone, keys, calendar/agenda book, a book, and a small makeup pouch.
    I just don't like the Twiggy style! I wish I did, but the long sausaginess of it just turns me off.
  10. I think the first looks a lot nicer and but in case you need to carry a lot the twiggy seems to hold more... I'd still go with the first!:yes: I also need a bigger bag for work and I am getting a city as the twiggy just doesn't do it for me... Good luck and let us know what you choose!:yes:
  11. I had the first first, and i found it to be small for every day use. I couldn't shove a turkey sandwhich and a bottle of water, if i ever wanted to in that bag.

    So I use the twiggy for everyday and the first for going out..you know when you dont need a turkey sandwhich in your bag :smile:
  12. i love the first, although twiggy can contain a lot, but i'm more of a fond of the first and city, and my last obsession, the weekender :yahoo:
    the first can fits my LV porte tresor wallet, 2 cell phones, cigarette case and some other small stuffs. i can even fit my lv medium organizer, but the shape will turn a little bulky with that addition :P
  13. If you are in a position to see the bags before purchase, you should really consider taking what you usually carry in day to day life and then putting it in either the first or twiggy and see from there. The SA at Saks let me do that prior to purchase and it really helped seal the day because I knew all my daily stuff would fit inside. I personally prefer the Twiggy (and it's really all I carry), but it's really a personal preference : )

    I wish you well,

  14. for me the First...because i don't carry that much stuff in my bag, have a tiny coin purse as my 'wallet', and i don't NEED a larger bag. i like both styles, but the first seems more up my alley and i like how the shoulder strap lets the purse fit right under the arm which is how i prefer it. i also like the front view of the First better than the Twiggy, aka the details are more prominent seeming when you carry the bag. But really in my opinion it's all about what you carry and how much bag space you need!
  15. THANK YOU EVERYONE! i'm still very torn, i love my cities but they are a little big sometimes. i'm starting a new job next year that would require me to show properties to clients and i plan on using my city to hold onto all the documents and i just need a smaller size bag to carry my essentials--keys, wallet(i do have a long wallet), smartphone(they're not small, but not too big either), hand cream, and lip balm. i don't want to look fuzzy or messy, i will dress in suits or at least suit pants with blouse/sweater. i thought about the purse style, but it simply is too small. i really appreciate everybody's input so far, i hope i'll make a decision soon:smile: