Which one would you choose? Pls help :)


Jan 25, 2015
I used to like sm love size but after wearing the regular love for a bit, I find sm size too thin (to stack with reg). And this is coming from someone who has small wrist (I wear the smallest size). And this is the reason why I don’t stack my sm pave with my reg love. But I like the pave to be worn on the other hand with other thinner bracelets.

For that reason, probably a 3rd regular love on you? Although I think I can only carry off two love max at one go.

Hope you can try out at store and see works for you.

(By the way I’m eyeing on second reg love to stack :P)
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Jan 1, 2016
It’s not an option you asked about, but I’d choose a different bracelet entirely. I‘d find three loves limiting because they stay on 24/7 (in particular if it’s a classic size so it doesn‘t have the hinge) and it would be more difficult to stack a fourth and fifth bracelet, etc… Some people can pull that off. Maybe you’re one of them, but that’s a really personal choice.
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