Which one would you choose..??? Please help...

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  1. I would love to buy a new LV wallet...Which one would you choose? I am thinking about getting red epi zippy wallet or nomade pouchette porte monnaie..

    Which one would be more functional and I can use it for a long time(classic?) at the same time???

    Or do you have any other suggestions on LV wallet? I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thanks~!

    Epi zippy in RED



    Nomade Caramel

  2. I think the red Epi Zippy would be MUCH more functional for everyday needs since Nomade leather is so delicate.
  3. I LOVE the look of the Nomade - its gorgeous, but I think you'll get better usage for your money with the durable epi.
  4. Epi Zippy.....
  5. Epi Zippy in Red.
  6. first of all, aspen your hermes collection is just beyond faboulous, :tup::love::love::tender:

    i understand that you've been dealing with birkin everyday, i dont think you would've problem dealing with nomade. I personally like nomade leather then epi, since epi is too sturdy, while nomade is soft (but not so buttery).. but then again, nomade leather would be more easily to scratch then epi.
  7. i like the epi the best
  8. Zippy
  9. I adore the nomade:heart:
  10. definitely the epi zippy in red! so chic and stylish at the same time, still a classic
  11. Red Epi! Maybe I'm just biased because I also have red Epi wallet ;)
  12. Red zippy! You can put so much stuff into it.
  13. zippy, the red is beautiful.
  14. I vote for Red Epi :yes:
  15. Zippy!