Which one would you choose? Help me!

  1. I'm longing for a MbMJ bag in canvas white color! I love this color!

    I thought about buying the Aline satchel ... but I could't find it anywhere ... I mean stores that ship internationally!

    So now I'm in doubt beetween Dr. Q Groove satchel and Dr. Q Hillier hobo!

    What do you think?

    Please, help me! I'd appreciate your sincere opinions!

    I'm afraid of waiting for the sales time and not be able to find one of these bags in this color anymore!

    Dr. Q Groovee.jpg Dr. Q Hillier.jpg
  2. I think I can help:


    It's from a German online site mytheresa that ships to all of Europe, I never bought of them, but girls here have and it is legit.

  3. Addendum to my post: I just saw you live in Brazil (stupid me thinks internationally equals Europe), luckily they do ship to Brazil as well ...
  4. Oh nice looking out Joke!

    Debora I like both choices a lot! I've never seen either IRL so I'm not sure I will be much help but I really like that hobo!
  5. i like the groovee better! :tup:
  6. hillier hobo! both are gorgeous to look at but I prefer shoulder bags for practicality and I love the cross body option.
  7. Thanks a lot, Joke!
  8. Do you think there's a chance of buying one of these bags in white canvas color, but on sale?
  9. groovee!
  10. I like the first bag :smile:
  11. both are gorgeous. but i vote for the groovee satchel. fyi: if you do decide to order this, make sure you ask the sa to pick the smooshiest and pebliest leather and a brand new one. (since you live in brazil, itll be a hassel to exchange if you get a bad one.) :graucho::tup:
  12. Yes, Kath! You're 100% right! It would be a hassel to exchange a bad bag! A very expansive hassel!
  13. Any more opinions?
  14. HOBO....I just bought it in saddle and LOVE IT:love:
  15. I've seen both in stores and it really depends on whether you like carrying a bag in your hand all the time. The groove is a great bag but I think it could get a little annoying after a while not being able to throw it over your shoulder (i.e. when you are searching through racks at a store! lol).

    The hillier bag is awesome because you can carry it on your shoulder or across the body. It's really hip and cool and the grey/tan colors in this style are amazing also! I would go with this one--you'll probably get more use out of it. You can throw notebooks in it for day-time/work and then still wear it out at night:wlae:.