Which one would you choose for an every day bag????


Which bag is better as an every day bag?

  1. Chanel Cambon Bowler in black with black CC

  2. Balenciaga First in black

  3. Neither! Keep looking!

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  1. Ok, I am looking for THE perfect every day bag. I narrowed my search down to these two: Chanel Cambon Bowler in black with black CC and Balenciaga First in black. Here are the pics:

    Chanel Cambon Bowler:

    Balenciaga First:

    NOT sure if these are authentic! I would buy my bag from a boutique!

    I LOVE both! But which one, do you think, would be better for every day? Which one would be more durable (more scratch-resistant)? Which one can be both dressed up and down???

    Here's what I need in a bag:
    - Not too small and not too big. I don't carry a lot with me but I do like some extra room for small stuff;
    - Comfortable shoulder strap(s);
    - Can be dressed up and down;
    - BLACK!!!!
    - Not easily recognizable;
    - Scratch-resistant

    I need your HONEST opinions!!!! Which one shall be my PERFECT every day bag???? If you have either one of these bags (or both!), please tell me how it's working out for you!

    Thank you!
  2. I like the Chanel better. I think a bag tht is more compact just looks more put together and polished.
  3. The Chanel is a perfect size! I really love how light it is and the fact that it is so comfortable on my shoulder.
  4. The Chanel!
  5. Chanel fan here!
  6. If you don't carry a large amount of stuff I say get the Balenciaga. The leather gets better with age/wear. Chanel is more delicate, and IMO is not the best choice for an everyday bag.
  7. I would carry a chanel jumbo flap in caviar
  8. If you don't want that people recognize your bag I suggest the balenciaga because even that the ccs are black it'll be obvious that's a Chanel. I'd vote all the time for a Balenciaga. I jst love them!
  9. Balenciaga.
  10. Definately the Balenciaga for everyday. It would be more functional I believe. The Chanel looks too dressy.
  11. i'm not a fans of that chanel... i vote for b-bags
  12. The Balenciaga first! I have one and I love it!
    The size is perfect! It isn't very big so you can wear it day and night and it also holds a lot of stuff. I'm sure you'll love it!
  13. Thank you for your responses!!!! Still *thinking*!!!!
  14. We all have our own preferences, of course, but I think this decision really depends on your personal everyday style. Do you consider your style a bit more classic or dressy? Do you have a serious job where you dress professionally all the time? I'd go with the Chanel in that case. If your style is a bit more downtown/hip/young, and you dress more casually for work, I'd go with Balenciaga. They're both beautiful bags, whichever you choose.
  15. the cambon bowler! you can dress it up or down...