Which one would you choose and why?

  1. I'm getting a new wallet but I can't decide which one to get. I've been to the boutique and narrowed down to a few but I could not put a name to all of them. BTW these are the compact wallets.
    1. canbom with a clasp
    2. resembles classic flap in lambskin, two-sided
    3. calf leather, two-sided with a small round button that has a cc logo on one side

    I like the canbom but I don't know if it scratches easily and if the pink interior is prone to stains and also the change compartment seems cramp. I also like the classic lambskin wallet but afraid it scratches very easily.

    If you have any of the wallets above, I'd love to hear your comments on the pros and cons of the wallets. TIA!
  2. "2. resembles classic flap in lambskin, two-sided" sounds pretty:girlsigh::heart::love::love:
  3. I got a wallet a few months ago and when I was looking at all of them at the boutique I was only looking at the caviar ones only because I was afraid of the lambskin being too fragile, etc. At the time, I already had a lambskin card holder and when I showed my SA the condition it was in, she told me that a lambskin wallet probably wouldn't get too damaged the way that I use my card holder.

    So, I ended up getting the lambskin wallet (I'm not sure if its the second one you're describing or not) that has a flap and has a coin pocket in the middle when you open it up and closes with a button. Sorry, i'm bad at describing things...

    So far, after three months of usage, I have to say, the lambskin wallet has held up pretty well. I try not to throw in my keys into the same compartment as my wallet and so far, no scratches and it looks perfectly fine. So, if you're hesitant about the lambskin, don't be too worried and even if you get minor scratches, I'm sure that you can use a leather conditioner or something to make the scratches a little less noticeable. Plus, the lambskin wallets are so soft and look so nice!
  4. I know what you mean! I adore lambskin but they seem so vulnerable! When I first got my flats in lambskin, I was practically looking down 90% of the time when I walk for fear banging into something that will scratch my shoes! LOL My mom just shakes her head. They are the softest shoes ever. Then again, wallet is used on a daily basis so I'm kinda worried though I'm very careful with my things esp. Chanels. Do you mind posting a pix of your wallet? :smile:
  5. Here you go :smile: Sorry I haven't cleaned the leather in awhile...hope this helps! (Is this the second one that you were talking about?) And trust me, I think I would be paranoid with a lambskin bag...but yeah, this wallet hasn't been babied much and this is how it's held up after 4 months. Not bad, for lambskin, I think.





  6. Thank you so much, nakobear!! Your wallet is BEAUTIFUL! It's in perfect condition so I don't know why you said you haven't cleaned it when it needs none! LOL How do you maintain it so well?

    To answer your question, the #2 I mentioned is exactly the same except that it's the smaller version and squarish. It has the flap on both sides.
  7. You're welcome :smile: I actually don't maintain it much except wipe it off with a leather conditioner (I've only done that once the whole time I've owned it). So yeah, don't shy away from lambskin on a wallet...I think it's much easier to care for than a lambskin bag (which I'm still afraid to buy hehe).

    The only thing that I noticed and you can see in the picture is the indentation mark from my cards onto the change compartment but that's my fault because I leave so many receipts in my wallet and then my wallet gets fat so I have to squish it to close it...
  8. Oh my goodness, that purse is gooooorgeous!!! I love it!!! Have you used it everyday for the months you've had it?
    Also if you don't mind me asking, how much was it?
    One last q...is mixing a caviar bag and a lambskin wallet a no-no? Thanks
  9. Haha forget the price question - just looked at the pics again! Silly me!!!
  10. Haha yes, I've uesd this every single day since I got it. I'm still in love with the sooooft lambskin :smile: Most of my bags so far are caviar and I use this wallet so I hope it's not a big fashion faux pas...plus, you don't see the wallet very up close so I don't think it matters. But both my card holder and wallet are lambskin though. I don't think it's necessary to be so matchy-matchy with my wallet and bags...

    I just got one of the metallic reissues but I'm still going to carry this wallet. Unless I pick up one of the reissue wallets :smile:
  11. You're not the only one! I've so many cards that I put two cards per slot that it caused indents on the leather as you can see from the pixs. I put so much stuff that my wallet becomes very fat too! LOL But I doubt I can put much in the canbom clasp compartment.


  12. I always wished I could tell people my wallet was so full because I had so much money in there, but it's usually not the case...just me needing to clean out all of the receipts etc that have accumulated in my wallet haha
  13. I totally agree. I have more junk than money in my wallet. I always keep receipts thinking I might need them but 99.999% of the time they are just taking up space in my wallet. BTW I have the same problem with bags. I put too much stuff. LOL
  14. Any more comments please keep them coming!

    Thanks a lot.
  15. I would choose #2 - the timeless classic wallet in black lambskin - because it is gorgeous and elegant. I love the quilting, the lush leather, and the silvertone CC's. I'm personally not a fan of the Cambon line, so I didn't choose that one. And I don't like the calfskin one as much because I prefer the silvertone CC on #2 to the CC on the round snap on #3.