which one would you buy?

  1. i have a zucca spy that i :heart:, but JUST like the girls said... i can't stop at one. i need another.... NOW!!!

    so i was wondering.. which do you guys like more.. the white spy or the black spy??

    btw. i was trying to do a poll but i have no idea how to do it.. can someone teach me please?
  2. Under the additional options header, when you are posting a new thread, there is a box that says "post a poll with this thread"--I'm guessing that's how you do it.

    I myself think I would have to get the black spy, preferably the patent one. But I don't own any others yet, so maybe that is why I want to start off conservatively.
  3. i am in need of a white bag and a black one.. i don't have either so it's not what i need but which one is prettier.. hehehe
  4. IMO, black is more basic and goes with more things...therefore you can carry it more often and in all seasons....with the white, its more of a summer bag, and you will have to be really careful where you put it down, etc. cause it will dirty pretty quickly. soooo....i think you should go with the black!
  5. I think I would need a prescription for a high blood pressure medication if a had a white Spy - overcome by constant worry that my bag would get a mark of some sort!!! :nuts:

    That said, I'd buy the black, but both are beautiful bags. :drool:
  6. I hear that. I also saw a gorgeous winter white Miu Miu bag the other day at Saks--that would be my choice of white bag at the moment.
  7. I would go for the new Blueberry if I was you. The white is lovely but you have a lot of trouble keeping marks of it, the Black is nice but like a more unusal colour. Take a look at the Blueberry on Neiman Marcus, Saks or eluxury site
  8. I think the white spy is gorgeous although it does require some care and white will turn a little yellowish overtime.
  9. i vote for the new blueberry!! but if the choice is between just white and black i'd definitely say black!!
  10. Black Spy
  11. black...i bought mine and i love it. although, if you have a zucca, then maybe you want something brighter?
  12. If I had to choose I would say black - although I do have a white wisteria and it has been easy enough to keep clean.

    Do agree on here though that maybe you should go for a Blueberry - great new colour out.

    Keep us posted on what you decide
  13. Yes, this is exactly what I was going to say. I have a small white leather Fendi shoulder bag that has turned VERY yellow in a few places, even though I was very careful with it and only used it maybe 10-15 times. The white spy is gorgous, but I would go for black - it's a much safer option.
  14. eww i hate it when white things go yellow..

    honestly.. when i saw a tPFer's blueberry, i wasn't impressed. it looked like painted PLEATHER. maybe i need to see it in real life..
  15. the black one, most practical and no stains!!!