Which one would you buy?


Which one would you choose?

  1. Black Classic Caviar Flap with Silver Hardware

  2. Black Reissue with Silver Hardware

  3. Something else.....

  4. Wait for cruise/spring...

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  1. I am trying to decide between the Chanel Classic Flap in Black Caviar or a Black Reissue....both with silver hardware. I have the classic flap in pink and ivory. I am looking for something that can be dressed up or down....but, mostly casual. I have always loved the black caviar, but am afraid it might be too dressy as a day bag. I have a 10-month old son, so I tend to dress much more casually now than when I used to dress up for work. Dinner out tends to be much earlier, too, of course LOL.

    Which one would you get? TIA!
  2. Black reissue, cos I thk it looks nicer, more classy, but that's only my personal opinion.
  3. I think the re-issue is just GORGEOUS, so that's my vote!
  4. Black reissue.....Looks great dressed up or casual
  5. Thanks for everyone's help! I think I am leaning towards the reissue too....since it is not as dressy. Is it hard to find a black one with silver hardware?
  6. Black reissue hands down. Don't wait for the spring because the black is patent I think, won't be in style long enough.:yahoo:

  7. That is a good point about spring. Usually I get so excited about the cruise/spring lines because they have pink! I think I would be much more limited with black patent leather because it is too dressy for me during the day. Until Db is older, "night" usually means 6:00 p.m.

    Off topic, but it is amazing how things change. I remember when "going out" meant leaving to go dancing at 10 or 11 p.m., then dancing until 4.....going for "breakfast" and being home by 5 or 6.
  8. I am partial to the black reissue. It is a gorgeous bag!
  9. Black reissue. Lovely.
  10. I love the black reissue too. But the caviar is a bit sturdier.