Which one would you all recommend getting?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here and am having a great time reading all these posts about Coach!!

    So I have a question for all of you experts!! I want a new coach bag but am having a hard time deciding on which one. I already have (and sorry if I don't get the exact name right on this) the Chelsea Signature Optic Hobo in khaki and the Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Tote, but the tote is driving me crazy b/c I can't put it over my shoulder! (I have a 2 yo and another on the way - I need an over the shoulder bag!!)

    So - here's what I'm trying to decide between -

    COACH ERGO LEATHER TOTE in turqoise - I like the camel too but I figure I already have something similar to that color w/ my hobo
    CARLY SIGNATURE I think I would get this in black

    So - what would you recommend? Anything you really like/dislike about any of the above?

    Any help would really be appreciated! TY so much!!
  2. I have a 2yo and a newborn. I have a big diaper bag but for when I am not planning on being out with them long, or keep my diaper bag in the car and take a bag with me outside the house I usually take my large leather hobo. I know that doesn't answer your question but in that case maybe the Carly is your best bet. You could fit the necessities and a change of pants for the 2yo and a sleeper and onesie change of clothes for your newborn as well as a diaper for each and some wipes, a toy and your wallet and a bottle of water.When you are out on your own it also looks nice not so full and it slouches better half full but can accomodate more. I love the khaki and ebony shoulder bags. As of saturday there were only like 300 left so they may be sold out by now. They don't seem to be able to hold much but are so cute. If you want a bag to use when you don't have the kids or have the bulk of the stuff in your stroller than that one would be cute.
  3. The Carly SIgnature or the scarf print tote, totally.
  4. My vote is for the Carly. I want that or the Ergo next.
  5. Carly signature!
  6. Carly!
  7. My vote is for the Carly all the way. Let us know what you decide!
  8. My vote goes for the Ergo turquoise leather tote. I just got through having to carry a baby bag, as I have had small children for the last 6 years, and I think that tote is the most versatile for both a baby bag and a you bag

    The Carly is a beautiful bag and certainly big enough, but the slouch might be a problem when you are searching for something with one hand.
  9. I vote for either the Carly or the Ergo tote.....cute enough to just carry your stuff, but enough room to carry some baby stuff as well.
  10. COACH ERGO LEATHER TOTE way light weight will never ever weigh you down cause there isnt any weight to the bag

    carly has hardware and although not heavy...once you add all your stuff to tote around ,,,

    but the ergo weighs nothing!
  11. I vote for the Ergo. The turquoise will go with everything and always make your outfit pop, plus it's the most utilitarian of them all imo.
    I needed to vote three times seeing as how I truly believe this bag will fill all your needs. It is so fabulously comfortable and holds a lot.
  13. Wow! Lots of good choices. Here's my 2 cents:

    scarf print- may dirty easily, especially in the presence of the 2 yo! LOL!
    ergo in turquoise- love the color and I know those who haveit rave about it. It also seems like a decent size for all the toddler/baby extras we seem to have to carry around (I have a 5 yo and one on the way, so I can relate)!
    shoulder bag - I am a total shoulder bag wh*re! It's not large enough for all the extras, but if you're just looking for something to keep your stuff in and are planning on carrying a separate diaper bag, I can't say enough good things about it
    Carly- also a good choice. I have a medium one and love it and the large would absolutely be able to fit all the extras!

    I hope this was helpful and didn't add to your dilemma!
  14. I vote for Carly!^-^
  15. I vote for either the Ergo Tote or the Carly, but I am leaning towards the Carly.