Which one works best for work and casual-- black med. veneta or blk. med campana???


    Seriously considering either the veneta or campana in black. Need a bag I can use for both work and play. BTW, work is never suits, essentially the same clothes I would wear to go out to dinner with my DH. Play and casual are more the issue.

    I also like the noce color because it looks like it would work well year round, but I don't have a nice black and thought I might get the noce (or something in a medium neutral) in the spring.

    I am really driving myself CRAZY (okay, its a little bit fun) and if DH knew I was obsessing like this, well...he would have me committed. Of course I would have lots of company with most other tpfers!

    So please help me with this huge dilema. Post your thoughts, experiences with both styles. Whatever sage advice you can give I do appreciate.

  2. I personally prefer the Campana, it's easier to get in and out of and I like bags with two handles. It's very comfortable on the shoulder, too.

    Are you not able to try them on yourself? Because there will be people here saying "veneta!" and "campana" and differing opinions and ultimately only you will know which one you want.

    As far as which would be better for work, etc, they are extremely similar in shape -- both are slouchy hobos -- so I see no real difference there. Both are appropriate for work or weekend.
  3. Jane, I am not able to try them on. I will be buying sight unseen!

    Thanks for your thoughts on the subject...all so valid.
  4. I love the black campana but it only really works for me in the large size because I can close the hook and magnetic closure easily and tuck the bag under my arm. With the medium campana I have always been unable to use the magnetic closure if the hook has been used across the top of the bag because the hook gets in the way! Having been a victim of pickpockets (twice) the closure of my bag is a real issue for me especially because I like to feel my belongings are secure regardless of where I chuck my bag. Therefore IMO out of the medium veneta or medium campana, I would always choose the veneta because I zips shut and is a lovely lightweight bag that is very comfortable on the shoulder yet looks stylish for evening too. Plus it's cheaper than the campana!
  5. As a person who loves both bags, I'll just tell you what I think about each!

    I own an ebano veneta. It's extremely comfortable on my shoulder, sits longer under my arm (as opposed to the *slightly more* bulky campana), has the zipper to ensure the bag is closed, there is no hardware to speak of besides the very unassuming gold zipper, and.....it cost less.

    I love the two handles on the campana, and think the med. is the perfect size bag. I am typically not a fan of hardware and the campana has only the basics (and what I would consider the perfect amount)--but it's a great dark metal that I love. As I said, it may be a little bulkier under the arm, but really not much, and I'm sure Jane etc. can vouch that once it's broken in there is even less of a difference.

    If I had to choose again, I honestly don't know which way I would go. I think the only solution is both! If you think you are going to get both eventually, use the 20% for the more expensive bag and go for the campana! The Veneta is easier to find on eBay, too.
  6. Your comments have ALL been most helpful. I suspect that I will someday end up owning both. I am leaning toward the campana at this point in time. Its scary because I have never seen it. i have seen the veneta. But I want to take advantage of the 20% sale in CA so I'm going to have to take a chance.

    I also have to spring this on DH. He is NOT like H-less' hubby who gave her a hard time about it then planned to surprise her with the bag.. He is not going to get it for me as a surprise.

    I'll let you guys know how it all goes!
  7. Bags'rus, I bought my campana sight unseen earlier this year, based only on what I saw on this forum. I am extremely lucky in that basically what you see is what you get. There is not much difference in how the bag hangs full vs empty, new vs broken in; just a difference in how soft the leather becomes. The veneta on the other hand, slouches and takes on a whole different look when full and broken in. Check the action thread for great pics of lovely venetas like ms piggy's and mystilleto's medium and large venetas respectively. I say you can't go wrong with the med campana which is quite spacious yet comfortable to wear. The only drawback is, like syma said, there is no secure closure like the zipper on the veneta. It'll be even nicer at 20% off!
  8. The campana is easier to get into w/ the magnetic closure but I really love the way the veneta looks on when you wear it with the hobo to the back of you.
  9. I have both the med Veneta (in Limo) and med Campana (in Camel). And I honestly love them both! :heart: The following are how I would see them as. A note of caution : these are only my 2 cents, others may disagree, and really there's no right or wrong. And I'm also referring to the medium sizing here, as the large ones are totally different :-

    In terms of asthetics, imo, the Veneta is more chic and the shape more defined. It goes perfectly with outifts ranging from work suits, skirt/pant combo to jeans. It's feminine with dresses and stylish with pants/jeans. The Campana has a softer look due to the shape and rounded sides. As such, to me, it is ever slightly more casual than the Veneta, notwithstanding the fact it would work with most attires as mentioned above as well. It's just that the Veneta would give a more pulled together feel.

    In respect to functionality, the Campana has the edge here. It's a tad larger and the opening is wider too. However, it has no zip and once filled up, as iterated by some here, it's hard to use the magnetic closure, and thus would seem less secure, for those who are concern abt pick pockets.

    For all intents and purposes, as a starter BV, I would recommend the Veneta, well, only if one likes the hobo style. You could always get the Campana once you get hooked to BV. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Take your time to check out the pics and feed back. Have fun deciding! ;)
  10. The saga of the campana vs. veneta and update on my dear dear frugal DH:

    I was talking to you guys on tpf last night and he asked me what I was doing. I decided to spring the question at that point when we were talking a lovely walk with our doggie. I explained the 20% off sale in CA and how the two styles I am drooling over never, never ever go on sale and what a great opportunity this was. (blah, blah, blah...you gals know the drill)

    Anyways, here was his response: "One incredibly expensive bag ($1400) is a luxury, two is obscene!" FYI. I bought a BV Roma in moro for 50% off (amazing huh...makes me proud to be a tpfer), in September.

    So I said sweetly : "So you would deprieve me of this fabulous bag?"
    His response: "Yes, and without any guilt."

    He is a terrific guy, has absolutely NO material desires/interests, has a hard time understanding this bag thing, but in his own way he accepts it. I have loved bags for over 30 years (many of you were not even born), ever since I received my first LV at the age of 21. I'm an 'old' lady in my 50's!!!! BV is a new obsession, I mean love, for me.

    So dear tpf friends, that's my story. If anything changes, you will be the first to know.
    But I must ask the following, as an academic interest, don't you know: with the magnetic closure on the campana, is your stuff apt to fall out if you throw the bag around (horrors, who would throw around their beloved BV?!?!). If the bag flips off the car seat, for example, and tumbles to the floor, will all your stuff fall out? I bought a cute Fendi last year and all my stuff would fall out. That little purchase has been retired, so I do not want a repeat of this functional flaw.

    Thanks you guys, you are terrific supporters, and enablers!
  11. *sigh*
    Sometimes I wish I had the same problem. My DH is a bad bad bad enabler--he is incapable of managing $ and thinks that we deserve the things that we want. Him checking me a little bit better would probably be a good thing. That said...poop! I'll keep the faith for you. Can't help on the Campana q though.
  12. bags'rus, sorry to hear abt DH and the 2nd BV. Maybe in time to come, he would come around once time passed a little more. In any case, both these bags are classics, so, no hurry (except for the excitement of owning one soon rather than later). Anyways, to answer your question abt items falling out if the bag happened to fall over, yes. The magnetic closure is only in the middle part of the bag, there are gaps at the side which would result in stuff dropping out if you hold the bag upside down.
  13. ms.piggy, interesting comment on the magnetic closure, I experimented with the Roma which also has a magnetic closure (for the middle section only). Of course there is also a leather closure that crosses over the top which adds some additional security. I'm not describing this too well, sorry.

    anyways, when I turn the bag over, and even shake it several times, the only thing that fell out was a few loose pennies. So that was good news. The Roma is larger than the medium campana so that means the gaps on the sides of the magnetic closure are even wider.

    How do I paste another tpf comment, so that there is a reference to the post I am responding to? In the above, I tried to paste ms. piggy's last comment, but could not figure it out.
  14. Click on the "Quote" button on the right bottom of the post that you want to reference and it will be automatically be pasted in your reply. In fact, you can multi-quote by clicking on the button next to "Quote" on each post that you want, and voila, it would all be pasted on your reply! HTH.
  15. Your description is fine. I think with regards to the Roma, the bag itself is wider, and whilst the opening is longish, it is actually smaller in terms wideness as compared to the opening of Campana, which opens up really wide like an open jaw! Plus I think the 3 openings with the 3 magnets (correct me if I'm wrong) would hold the bag tighter. The Roma is also more compact relative to the Campana. Hope I'm making sense.