which one will you guys choose instead?


Jul 26, 2013
The extra mini is REALLY small... The rectangular mini (largest one) is most comparable to the WOC in terms of size. I did a recent "Triple Reveal and WOC/mini Comparison" so you can see what the two look like side by side. I also added a few more detailed comparison pics at the end of the thread.

Both look good for formal events but in my opinion the WOC looks dressier.


Sep 22, 2013
will it look v weird on 5'7" for the extra mini? any one with mod pic pls feel free to attach.

and also i am just wondering the one passport one bag policy in paris. If i am to buy a GST and i want to buy extra mini, will it be allow? is extra mini also counted as a bag? or a small leather goods? as i did read that one bag with 4 diff style of woc is possible but never see any related info about extra mini or mini