which one will you go home with Gucci or LV

  1. Okay, I just have to find out these two...as far as level are they both at the same level or different. If you ladies will answer and give out the list. ( i.e Hermes,Chanel, LV, MJ, Gucci....etc)

    Between LV EPI and the classic Gucci bowler in Canvas...which one will you buy. Let's say they are both less than 1k.:shrugs:
  2. LV EPI because I like leather, not canvas. But if the Gucci was leather too, then I would pick Gucci.
  3. The LV.
  4. I agree.
  5. LV but only because "I" happen to like LV better. Either is a good choice.
  6. Both are great, but it's about which you prefer. I prefer LV.
  7. I'd probably buy the Epi b/c I'm not a fan of logos which I'm assuming the Gucci canvas is(?)
  8. I would go w/ the LV b/c of no logo on the Epi and and it is leather. I refuse to do canvas bags at a high price tag, JMO!
  9. LV for me. Mostly because I bought one Gucci one time and the re-sell value on it plumeted.
    I'm not a buy/sell kind of girl, but this one wasn't me after a month of using, when I bought it I had no intention of buying it to try and sell later on. I was lucky to re-cover 1/2 of it's value:sad:
  10. LV epi
  11. I would pick LV only because I don't like Gucci Canvas. If the Gucci was leather, then I may pick that.
  12. LV Epi for me. Never liked Gucci with logos in Canvas.
  13. LV Epi! I prefer leather to canvas.
  14. Definitely LV.
  15. Epi for similar reasons as above: resale value is higher for the future. Also, it is a classic, and matches more.