Which one will you choose?

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  1. Hi, guyz..
    As my birthday and my 1st TPF anniversary is comin soon, I would like to give myself sumthing nice :graucho:
    But I don't know which one should I choose. I love all but I can only pick one, coz I'm saving for my first chanel :wlae:!!

    Here are the pictures..

    Perle Sunset Blvd

    melusine sandal

    nina sandal


  2. perle sunset blvd, i think you would get more use out of it.
  3. I would say the Melusine Sandal. It wont be out for much longer since it is a S/S shoe. Then get the Sunset BLVD
  4. Melusine sandal for sure! Those are so unique and amazing. Second choice is Sunset boulevard!
  5. I love the sandals....either one is beautiful, but then again i'm saying this as I already have the sunset!!!!

    Congrats on your first year here!!
  6. the Melusine sandals are tdf... but I'm more of a bag person than a shoe person so i'd chose the sunset blvd. :smile:
  7. The sunset!
  8. Perle Sunset Blvd:yes:
  9. ^^^^ Those !
  10. the sunset!!!
  11. sunset blvd, beacuse i like bags soo much over shoes
  12. That Melusine Sandal is soooo hot!
    But I also think you could get more use out of the Sunset BLVD
  13. Melusine sandal!! They are TDF!!
  14. Melusine sandal vote here... they're so dang sexy!!!! :drool:
  15. the sunset blvd, something that is timeless and you will be able to keep forever. :smile: