Which one will you buy?

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  1. Bottega Veneta Roma Tote or Fendi Spy?
  2. [​IMG]

  3. Roma.
  4. The BV - more classic.
  5. I really liked the patent Spy at first, but I've cooled on it since then. Personally, would go for the BV, but this is only because I have acquired a substantial number of Spys and no BV. I do really like this particular BV--great hardware.
  6. The BV, no contest!, beautiful:heart:
  7. bottega all the way.
  8. BV is TDF!
  9. Between the BV and the patent Spy, absolutely BV. I already have one Spy, so I'd get the BV anyway. I really want one eventually.
  10. ROMA!

    I love it!
    It will last for years to come and always look trendy!

    Patent leather is only popular every few years... or even longer
  11. Definitely Bottega Veneta! It has the best leather and workmenship. And it is a timeless fashion.
  12. Out of curiosity, does anyone know about how much the BV runs? I want one eventually, and need to know how many organs I have to sell. :smile:
  13. Roma.. i think the spy would go out of style
  14. Don't really like the Spy so the Roma
  15. BV. Patent leather makes the Spy too trendy