which one will u get?


which is the best choice?

  1. monogram papillon

  2. damier papillon

  3. epi souflot

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which one will u guys get and why??
  2. I like the Damier - it's not as common as the mono. But the Soufflot looks great in red. Hard choice!
  3. I vote for the Epi Soufflot in Ivorie... Or Cannelle... :drool:
  4. Epi soufflot in red or ivory - very stunning bags!
  5. Damier papillon is abit more serious looking than monogram papillon.
    I've trying to decide on one now too. :sweatdrop:
  6. i have the Damier Papillon so i'm biased. i think this style looks best in the Damier line. and it doesn't have vachetta and you won't have to worry about it getting dirty
  7. Damier Papillon. This one is on my current wishlist of 'basic' LV bags--along with the mono Speedy 25. The Damier is low maintenance, and there's something so yummy about those choco-colored checkers on such a beautifully shaped bag! I own the papillon shape already in two Bedfords and love it! It is a classic keeper!
  8. Vote for Epi Soufflot :smile:

    I like hard textured of Epi Soufflot. I ever had Mono & Damier Papillon before. You won't wrong with Epi Soufflot.
  9. damier pap--I love damier.
  10. I voted soufflot. It is much easier to get into!
  11. I have both damier pap and epi soufflot in myrtile ... both are great bags. I voted for the epi because I love that it opens wider than the pap.

    Which color soufflot were you thinking of?
  12. Mono papillon...I just prefer mono. Damier really doesn't do it for me except in the new trevi bag.
  13. I would get the damier papillon only because I rarely see them around and by rarely I mean like one or twice within the last year! Not to mention the barrel shape would look gorgeous in damier!
  14. epi soufflot in red :smile: :love:
  15. epi soufflot in Tangerine
    yum........ :graucho: