Which one, which one, which one, OMG, which one?


Which one would you choose?

  1. 30cm Black Matte Croc Birkin PH

  2. 30cm Black Shiny Croc Birkin GH

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  1. I've been offered two 30cm Black Croc Birkins and need to make a decision. Would you go with the Matte PHW or Shiny GH, and why?

    FYI, I've also got the following keepers:
    35 Black Box Birkin GH
    32cm Rouge H Box HAC PH
    31cm Cognac Ostrich Bolide GH

    the following maybe keepers:
    35cm Gold Togo Birkin GH
    32cm Black Box Kelly GH

    and the following ones that may be put up for adoption:
    35cm Black Togo Birkin GH
    30cm Black Togo Birkin GH
  2. You been offered WHAT!!!!!!!!!!


    Matte Matte Matte

    I am soooooooooooo envious

  3. Matte all the way! I *LOVE* matte croc and with PH - OMG - RAVISHING!!!!!
  4. GOOD LORD!! You lucky lady! How about you take them both and then give one to me?? I'm not picky, I'll take either. :heart:

    Seriously, though. Having met you, my knee jerk reaction is to say that the shiny would sing louder to you. It's timeless, elegant, classic, crisp.
    The matte if of course also gorgeous but to me the combination of matte plus PHW makes it a lot more casual and I just see you as being someone who could and would TOTALLY rock the shiny croc.
  5. wow congrats! Matte it is!
  6. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I vote for the shiny with gh! I think for the 30 cm, it will look fabulous size for day and night!!!:yahoo:
  7. I'm totally torn because the Matte whispers while the Shiny shouts. My three keeper bags (35cm Black Box Birkin GH, 32cm Rouge H Box HAC PH and 31cm Cognac Ostrich Bolide GH all are on the dressy/casual elegant side, so I'm thinking that a 30cm Matte Croc Birkin might be a good addition to the mix. I also recently sold my 32cm Shiny Black Porosus Croc Sellier Kelly GH because it just seemed a bit "in your face" for work and too big for evening. I can make compelling cases for either of these Croc Birkins. :nogood:
  8. ooohhh shiny....i lovee shinyyyy your so luckyy
  9. This is such a hard decision. I am normally partial to shiny croc, but if you're looking for a bag you think you will use everyday, I'd go for the matte croc with PH. I've seen this bag on an H-client and it looked very elegant and subtle--very under the radar but still fabulous.
  10. I've seen a woman carrying a 30cm Black Matte Croc Birkin PH from a distance, and thought it was smashing. Your points about the matte being appropriate for everyday and under the radar are well taken.
  11. I vote for shiny!!!

    I love :heart: your collection, Millstream!!
  12. I was on eBay earlier looking at croc birkins. One seller said that matte was considered more chic, did not show scratches as much as shiny and that raindrops just vanished off the surface. I don't know if any of this is true BTW.
    Good luck with your decision; I am going through the same mental arguments over placing an order. Maybe since you had a shiny kelly already you'd like a matte just for something different.
  13. This is a tough decision. What a decision to have!

    Anyway, I agree with orchids on this one. I think if you're going to use it a good bit, I would go matte.

    Although, the shiny is gorgeous!!!!
  14. Matte Phw! Wow!
  15. MillStream, 30cm black matte croc with ph. ;)