which one (unfortuntly, i cant get both)

Oct 24, 2006
for christmas, im buying buyself a present! which one? damier speedy 25 or bosphore pm?

pros of speedy:
  • cute shape (i :heart: the speedy shape)
  • i can hold ALOT in the speedy
  • i love the damier (i also love the mono too, but my mom already has a 25 in the mono, so whats the point of gettin asecond one?
cons of speedy
  • might look like a suitcase on me
  • i am really tiny (i am twelve) my height is like 4 ft. 5-6" (dont make fun, i think ive shrunk! :crybaby: ) and my weight is 67 lbs
  • do you think it will look odd if im wearing the speedy and so is my mom?
pros of bosphore
  • hands free (shoppnig! :graucho: :roflmfao: )
  • dont have to worry about leaving it or slideing off my skinny little arm (goes with the first one)
  • good size, and good for casual and formal (kind of)
cons of bosphore
  • will it sag?
  • might be too big
  • will it move around my side?
sorry about the long post, but i need help

can anybody that is short like me post pics of them and stuff inside of these two bags please?
Aug 4, 2006
wowi thought i was a young pfer...i think the bosphore is a better choice, but thats just because i think speedys are unattractive, especially for someone as tiny as you. the bosphore is way more versatile.


got tempted easily!
Apr 11, 2006
You are only 12 and you are still growing. I think you should get speedy 25
by the way, bosphore doesn't sag and PM size isn't that big. May be you should get speedy azur at least it's not brown like mono.


ban BAN ban!!
Jul 5, 2006
u seem awfully educated (in LV) for someone who's 12!! on the other hand..u sound very mature too..hehe...

i'd say, the speedy!! it will make u look even more mature too!! :yes::graucho:

god..now i'm thinking..what was i doing when i was 12 :confused1::confused1: