which one...TREVI or BERKELEY azur???

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  1. Berkeley in Azur for the spring/summer time...
    Trevi for all year round.
    I personally think the trevi is really nice and different. However when i went to the LV store i really liked the Berkeley as well.
    Good luck :smile:
  2. i like both, but the berkeley is too structured for me. the trevi is low maintenance and seems easier to carry... so my vote goes to trevi!
  3. Trevi for sure!
  4. berkeley!
  5. Trevi!
  6. TREVI!! Love this bag--it's the one I wanted before I got my Artsy.
  7. Trevi!
  8. Trevi!!!
  9. Another vote for the Trevi. :yes:
  10. Trevi for sure!!!!!!!!;)
  11. Trevi. Its gorgeous and I want one too. LOL
  12. I juuuuuust went through this same dilemma - debating between the Berkeley and the Galleira GM both in Azur (already have a Trevi GM). In the end, I got the Galleira. The Berkeley felt weird wearing on the shoulder, like you had a wedge under your arm. And while I love the look of it, it also reminded me too much of a Speedy. :biggrin:

    That, and I generally love big bags.... I didn't think it could fit my everyday "necessities" (like umbrella, water bottle, change of shoes - no wonder my back hurts!!! :lol:)
  13. DEF Trevi!