which one...TREVI or BERKELEY azur???

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  1. Hey everyone....so its that time again....time for a new bag!
    ive narrowed down my options to either

    Trevi PM (ebony)
    Berkeley (azur)

    the only thing that bothers me about the trevi is how long the handles are, on the Berkeley they're adjustable which is a plus.

    which one should i get? which one do u think is a nicer looking bag overall?
  2. I like the berkeley ebene better then the azur...
    So if it is between the azur berk and the trevi I will pick the trevi.
  3. Between the two, definitely the Trevi!!
  4. Trevi
  5. Trevi!
  6. trevi for sure
  7. Between the two you have narrowed down I would pick the Trevi. If you don't like the straps though, I would make sure to try it on again before you buy, it may bug you the whole time and then you'll have spend a lot of $$ on a bag that's not you. If you like the Berkeley, you should get that one! I agree with someone else, I like the Berkeley in Damier Ebene better for an everyday purse, and I just think it looks gorgeous in that color. I like it in Azur, but I am one that would tend to wear azur just during spring/summer months, so I wouldn't use it year around. Hope to help, good luck with your decision!
  8. Trevi PM looks a lot more chic and attractive than the Berkeley IMO.
  9. Trevi for sure.
  10. I LVOE Azur, go for Berkeley.
  11. Trevi is much better. You can hold it in your arm or on the shoulder in case you want handfree. :broom:
  12. Trevi gets my vote
  13. Berkeley too. There are pictures of girls wearing it on their shoulders in the Berkeley thread.

    And I won't be any help for this question because I love both :P But if I really had to choose, I would probably pick the Trevi.
  14. love both, but trevi wins!!
  15. Trevi for sure!