Which One to Let Go of?


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
Well, spring is just around the corner and before I know it, the Ginny bag will make it's debut at the MJ store. I was happy to hear the bag is priced a little bit lower than first anticipated ($1750 instead of $1895), but it's still a pretty pricey purchase. I figure I have two choices: (1) I can save up until I have enough to purchase it (which would take approx 3-4 months, depending on what other "temptations" I encounter!!) or (2) I can sell another one of my stams and cut the waiting time in half.

I don't know if the first idea is really that good -- I have a feeling this might be one of the more popular styles with Blue being more popular than taupe or purple. It was shown on the runway, which always seems to put a bag in higher demand. If I decide to save and it takes that long, they could be sold out by that time (look what happened with the Taupe Mika -- Victoria Beckham was photographed with it 1x and POOF! they were gone!). They're scheduled for delivery sometime between 2/16 and 4/3 (it's in the last bunch of bags scheduled for delivery).

So that means I should sell another one of my stams -- I've narrowed it down to two choices: My Topaz Stam from R06 or my Pleated Stam in Grey from F/W08 -- there are pros & cons to both choices:

Pros: Made of calf leather, which is no longer used; Lined with canvas lining, again, no longer used; Gorgeous, HTF color; My first quilted stam
Cons: Since it's made from calf leather, its not as soft & slouchy as more recent stams; It's also much heavier than my other stams; We've all seen how the Topaz can wear down -- mine is still in pretty excellent shape with little to no wear -- Better to sell it now before it gets damaged and/or begins to show heavier signs of wear.

Pleated Stam
Pros: Boutique exclusive, so there aren't many around; LEATHER LINING!!:drool:; Durable leather that can withstand heavier use and/or all types of weather conditions; Lighter weight bag & chain
Cons: No front pocket, which I use to keep my cell phone and other items that I may need quickly; The color, while gorgeous, is not a true grey and doesn't have the WOW factor of the Topaz color

So, what do you guys think? Given the choice between these two, which one would you part with and which would you keep? If it helps at all, I recently sold my Plum stam, which leaves me with the Quilted Petrol and Daydream Bright Navy


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Mar 21, 2007
do you have another quilted stam? if you do, let go of the topaz!


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
do you have another quilted stam? if you do, let go of the topaz!
If it helps at all, I recently sold my Plum stam, which leaves me with the Quilted Petrol and Daydream Bright Navy
I'm also considering getting a white one from the S/S line -- it looks a lot like the Putty color from S/S06 which I walways wanted (altho it doesn't come with that gorgeous blue suede lining!)

can you post pics??
Pics are in the 2nd post -- can you not see them? (they're hosted by photobucket so they should be visable)


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May 8, 2008
If I were you, I'd keep the pleated so cool Stam. :yes: You already have a petrol and a navy Stam, so your fun Stam colors are covered! Whereas that gray is really versatile and practical, yet not boring because of all the pleated details and the different kind of leather. And you say it's lighter and more comfortable, which are huge pluses IMO. Judging from the fact that the tag is still on your topaz, it looks like your so cool Stam is getting much more wear, too - I'm sure the topaz would fetch a good price, which means you'd be that much closer to the Ginny! HTH, iluv!


Jul 3, 2008
Where It's At
I agree with the others who said to keep the pleated stam. The topaz is lovely but not that different from other bags you own, while the grey is totally unique. I know there have been several topaz stams listed recently so it may not be as easy to sell, but I would personally make this decision based more on which bag you love and want to keep rather than which one would fetch the best price, KWIM? I'm so excited you're getting the Ginny! Can't wait to see "real" pics of it!!


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Sep 7, 2006
SF Bay Area
Tough choice! Both are pretty BUT since you already have the petrol quilted Stam, I would get rid of the topaz. I think you should keep the pleated Stam since a) it's a boutique exclusive, b) it's lined in leather, c) it's a different Stam. Also, if you keep the pleated, you will have multiple Stams but no repeats. Besides, you said you want to get the putty, that will be quilted too. Do you really want 3 (topaz, petrol and putty) of almost the same bag? I'm all for getting the same bag with different colors but since we need to help you, I'm trying to be as objective as I can.

Topaz is a gorgeous color and pretty popular. You will make someone (maybe even a PF'er) really happy since I know that bag is on a lot of girls' HG list. Also, you will definitely get a good price for that.

Good luck with your decision! :flowers:


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Apr 11, 2006
i think from a sellers perspective, you'd get more $$ for the topaz stam, as the other type have ben going for like $499-575 on ebay as of late. you do have a ton more stams, if i remember rightly, and i never was all that in to the topaz color so i vote for that one to get the boot!


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Dec 4, 2007
Planet Spacejace
Hmmmmmmm. . .getting rid of any any is a challenge. What if you listed them both and waited to see which one goes first? Then the universe would make the decision for you.
I guess I would vote for variety though:tup: if you forced me. . .


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Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
I agree about letting the topaz go, for several reasons, all of which have been stated above. My only concern is that no matter what you sell, it will probably go for dirt cheap, that is, if it sells at all. *bay & bonanzle have been s-l-o-w....maybe you can try to sell first and try saving at the same time so you have all your bases covered. Good luck, I personally think the Ginny is such a unique, eye-catching bag that even selling one of your stams is worth it. Plus I can't wait to see a "real" picture of it!:P


May 6, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
Oy, that's a hard choice!!! I can say I love the Topaz Stam more but I think YOU love the Grey Stam more. I think the Topaz Stam should probably get the boot. :Push:


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
........... Judging from the fact that the tag is still on your topaz, it looks like your so cool Stam is getting much more wear........

the tags aren't on it any more -- that's a pic I took when I first got it (last february) -- I carried the Topaz stam last spring, right after I bought it!!

Thanks for all the input guys -- seems that everyone pretty much agrees that it should be the topaz that goes -- Honestly, that's the one I was leaning towards as well -- I think the biggest reasons I was thinking about keeping it was (1) I love the color (probably more than the Grey/Olive) and (2) my color selections are starting to look a little repetitious -- I went from having NO blue bags, to having an overwhelming number of them (Petrol Stam, Bright Navy Stam, Indigo Mercer EW and *hopefully* the Ginny!!)

I guess if I came to regret selling it, I could replace it with some other color from spring (as I said, I love this season's white and am looking forward to seeing the Peach, plus I'm still hoping that one of the department stores might get it in Mint!).

I also think sentimentality is coming into play here -- The Topaz stam was my first quilted stam and the first stam I ever actually carried!!


Jun 7, 2006
So. California
This is a difficult one. I love the Topaz Stam. The color is beautiful and I love a quilted Stam! The pleated Stam is beautiful, too. What color is it, exactly? You say it's not really grey. Do you like the color? You can probably find a Topaz Stam at a later date, if you want to replace it. They do tend to pop up now and again. I am so bad at getting rid of stuff. I would not want to let it go for a really low price. So, you have to think about that, too.