Which One To Keep?

  1. I bought three bags from NM online sale:

    1. MJ Emily Quilted Zip Bolwer @ $625
    2. Chloe Small Patsy @ $383
    3. Chloe Small Edith @ $387.

    They are all good deals but I am afraid that I have to pick one or two. Which one should I keep? Thanks!
    marcemily01.jpg chloe383.jpg chloesmalledith387.jpg
  2. personally i like the Edith. if you can 'do' white bags then i'd say keep that one!
    I'm not a fan of the quilted look and I'm not keen on the big 'chloe' on the patsy bag. What are you looking to use the bag for?
  3. Small Patsy or the Marc Jacobs
  4. i would keep #1 and #3...

    the chloe logo tote just doesn't do it for me... and the other 2 are such great finds/ deals!
  5. I'd pick the Edith. I think the shape is very practical, but still very chic.
  6. Edith!
  7. edith
  8. The Patsy is my least favorite. The MJ is a more year-round color, if you're being practical.
  9. I like the MJ Quilted Bowler because I think you could wear it all year long. The other two are limited by the seasons....just my opinion. But I love them all!
  10. I would keep the MJ because white would be too hard to keep clean IMHO-
  11. Thanks for your opinions and advices, guys!
    Question: The MJ bag is sized 9 1/2"H x 15"W x 8 1/2"W. Isn't 8.5 width too big? If it is not too bulky, then I will definitely keep the MJ. Still need to think about Edith and Patsy...T_T
  12. 1
  13. Personally, I'd keep the MJ and the Patsy...I'm not too big a fan of the edith
  14. first one is ok
  15. MJ and Edith!!!