Which one to keep : ultraviolet or carnelian duffle

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  1. I bought the duffles at Macy's today ( yes, finally joining the legacy club) , I am going to keep only one. Question is which one? What do ya all think?
  2. I saw the ultra violet yesterday and loved it. I would keep the UV.
  3. I'd vote ultraviolet.
  4. Uv
  5. UV all the way!!
  6. I love purple, but with an eye to the future - I'd keep carnelian. Brights come and go in fashion, but red is a constant.
  7. Looks like uv is winning,
  8. Ultraviolet! It's an amazing color, a real zinger. I took it out today while on a visit to my mom and everyone was complimenting it. :3
  9. Uv
  10. Definitely UV!
  11. ultraviolet! :tup:
  12. I would keep carnelian, but I'm probably (almost) the only one.

    You probably know which one you want. It's hard not to favor one over the other.
  13. I was going to say keep the carnelian but I say KEEP THEM BOTH!
  14. I would keep carnelian but only because I have her and love her...the color is really one that goes with everything. If you want more than one duffel in the future, go for the other colors...but I love them all.....:heart:
  15. Lol! You are an enabler! I would love to but I can keep only one :smile: