which one to keep? they are all same price

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  1. Burberry Large Nova check, MBMJ Dr Q Groovee, MBMJ hobo
    NMV0213_mn.jpg marcj2058610401_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831017674.jpg marcj2059121185_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831047365.jpg
  2. I like the hobo - the color combination is awesome.
  3. The 2nd for sure!
  4. i like the MBMJ Groovee!
  5. MBMJ!! Lovely color combo!!
  6. Hobo!
  7. #2 is more classy and rather classical. But #3 is cute and fun looking. I'm not a fan of the burberry tote though BUT if your looking at brands then I would pick it over the other two just because the others are marc by Marc Jacobs and I'd rather have a burberry unless it was just marc jacobs.

    ok..i've probably just confused u even more so nevermind the above! they would all be great choices it just depends on ur style!
  8. I personally think the Burberry is the classiest bag of the three.
  9. I would go with one of the MBMJ. The third one is fun and fresh but you would be sick of it after a while. The 2nd is more forever. The 1st one I dont care for - too classic and stiff!
  10. The 2nd definitely!!! The third is trendy and will grow tiring. The first you can buy anytime in the future because it's sooo basic.
  11. I like the MBMJ Dr Q Groovee, it's versatile and classic.
  12. I love the 2nd one as it's practical and classic, and a good bit of smoosh factor in it. I like the 3rd one as it's fresh, but like some has said, it won't last. My vote goes for #2!!
  13. I like the 2nd. The first is too plain and the third is very trendy.
  14. #2. Dr. Q Groovee.
  15. The second is versatile and the third is WOW!