Which one to have, Grey Muse or Blue blue Majorelle

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  1. Which one to have, Grey Large Muse or Blue blue Majorelle

    I do not own any YSL bag and only saw a 'downtown' once.
    A friend got two sale bags for 60% off at one time, and she lets me to choose one, I like the size of Majorelle, but wish it is not patent leather. I like the leather of that Muse but not sure about the color ( it states Grey) and the size.

    Both of us have seen the bags yet, they are on the way from Nordstorm..
    Does anyone think that Muse is too big for a 5.4? The price difference is $200.
  2. definitely the muse, IMO.
  3. I would go with the muse as well. I like the majorelle but I think the muse has a longer life due to the fact it is leather rather than patent and style wise.
  4. I'm voting for the Muse too. I am not a big patent fan.
  5. I'm for the Majorelle, in this case I like the patent as it works well with the 'modern' style (even though mine is not patent).

    I was trying on mine yesterday to see what went with a new jacket and I fell in love with it all over again :love:. It's not light though. If I saw another in a different colour I would def consider buying.
  6. the muse.. but im biased since the muse is my favourite bag of all time (and i own many different bags)
  7. i go for muse. I'm abt 5"2 and I have Large :smile:
  8. gray muse would be my choice
  9. Sorry for not replyiny earlier - did not have access to a PC.

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate all your responses.
  10. Thanks Marbella8, noon, ssc0619, peachiesncream,
    I always adore Muse.
    Iluvploy, you made a day.
  11. papertiger, thanks, I now know I have the option if Grey colored Muse does not work for me. Thanks.
  12. The Muse every day of the week and twice on Sunday. It'll be easier to carry multiple ways as well.