which one to get?!!

  1. I like the mini pochette accessoires, can't go wrong with it!:smile:
  2. mini pochette it's too cute. you can wear it as a bag also.
  3. I would go for the groom... the others will be there later on, the groom might not be.
  4. I love GROOM!
    And wanna say GO FOR GROOM!!!
  5. groom is LE and cute...cles is practical..you can get one of the others later the groom will be gone by x-mas because it is limited...up to you
  6. i'm just thinking before the price increase
  7. I'd choose the groom, too.
  8. I like the Mini, and the Groom..

    but since it is limited edition.. go for the groom.. that way you won't end up having to pay more later..

    Good Luck with your decision! :biggrin:
  9. mini pochette!! it's so much more versatile!! you can dress it up dress it down...sue it as a wristlet...attach it to the d ring of your purse...clutch or mini shoulder bag!!
  10. uhm.. why is no one picking on the 1st one?.. any reasons
  11. Mini pochette, so cuute