Which one to get?

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  1. Ladies, I need your expertise on deciding which one to get...the Vernis Bellevue PM red or Vernis Rosewood in red? I appreciate your feedback!
  2. Rosewood in Pomme ~ yummy color!
  3. Pomme Rosewood!!!!
  4. Definitely the Pomme Rosewood!!!
  5. Another vote for the Pomme Rosewood! :yes:
  6. ITA! Pomme Rosewood
  7. Delicious!!! Thanks, ladies. You've made this an easy decision with your unanimous vote for Pomme Rosewood :smile:
  8. Vernis Rosewood is really cute
    are you going to buy it???
  9. I can't wait for pictures!!! :smile:
  10. Pomme Rosewood! Post a pic when you get it.