Which one to get????


Which one to get?

  1. Gucci hobo

  2. LV Damier Speedy

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  1. Ok, the bag in the pic is the Gucci hobo that I bought yesterday at NM. The one I bought is black fabric with black leather detail. I think it's just the perfect every-day bag! However, LV speedy in Damier just came out and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I put it on hold at Saks and can pick it up tomorrow.

    I just don't know which one to go with! Should I return the Gucci and get LV? Or should I keep my Gucci and not bother with LV? I love Damier canvas but I also love the fact that Gucci is a shoulder bag. Both cost around the same (I got Gucci on sale). Your opinions, please!


    (mine is not suede but black fabric!)


    (I am not sure if this bag is authentic...I'm just using it as an example)
  2. I'd definitely keep the Gucci. You can always get a Damier Speedy down the road.
  3. I love the LV
  4. I say Damier, but that one is definetely a fake.
  5. love the gucci!
  6. I would keep the Gucci - that Damier Speedy isn't going anywhere!
  7. Get the Damier-but, not from that website because that is a fake!