which one to get in Damier, Trevi PM or Berkeley

  1. ok, I want to get something in Damier and now I don't know which one to get the Berkeley or the Trevi PM. Which do you guys think is better looking? Thanks everyone
  2. Ok I realized I put this in the wrong section, but stupid me can't figure out how to delete it and put it in the right section.
  3. I really prefer Trevi... is beautiful bag and different.berkley seems like speedy (I think speedy is much better looking) and a doctor bag..
  4. Trevi PM!
  5. Trevi PM wins my vote!!!

    I have tried on both, and while they both have their strong points, the Trevi PM is my one true love! :heart:
  6. Trevi PM is gorgeous. The Berkeley is cute in ebene as well, but it looks like a speedy IMO.
  7. trevi!
  8. berkeley! hehe
  9. Get Trevi PM.
  10. I prefer the berkeley only because the opening is a lot wider than than trevi.
  11. I vote Berkeley!
  12. Berkeley:tup:
  13. Trevi!!
  14. Please please please get the Berkeley! I saw it for the first time in South Coast Plaza yesterday and I loooooooved it :smile:
  15. Another vote for the Trevi PM...Enjoy whichever bag you choose...