Which one to get for my birthday? Pls give comments!!

  1. My birthday is coming, so I want to get something from LV to pamper myself for working so hard :yahoo: ..which should I get? Papillon damier 30 or trouville? For those ladies with either one of the bags, or both, pls give me your comments! What do you like or dislike about the bag(s)?? Thanks!! (I just cannot make up my mind)


  2. Well, I guess it would really depend on whether you wanted a shoulder bag or a hand carry. That is how I would decide between the two you posted! Happy Birthday!!
  3. I'd get the Papillon 30
  4. I don't mind if it is a shoulder bag or hand carry one..but I need to know if there are any likes or dislikes about the bag.thanks for the birthday greetings! :smile:
  5. I like the Trouville over the Papillon. Personally, I like all the various pockets in the Trouville.
  6. Pap!
  7. I'd choose the papillon because I want it too!
  8. My best friend has that same Papillon and it looks fabulous. I vote for the Pap! Good luck jostance they are both terrific pieces, and Happy Birthday in advance!
  9. Personally I don't think either are shoulder bags, but I would pick the Papillon!
  10. i'll definitely grab the Papillon 30 without a question.
    its so chic!
  11. Trouville! Love the style. Good luck! Happy Birthday!
  12. I'd get the Damier Pap..the Trouville is nice but I like it more in the white MC instead of the monogram.
  13. Wow! Seems like the majority likes the pap 30! I think I will wait for a few more responses before I can decide! Thanks to those who reply so far!! I cannot wait!!
  14. damier pap!
  15. I have a multicolore trouville in black but I dont think the mono is really the same bag as far as functionality. (Is that a word? lol) I think there are differences such as lining and I think size may be a little different.

    The handles on the trouville kinda irritate me and honestly it is my least fave bag that I own. I LOVE the papillon. BUT I have owned it before in mono 30 and I personally hate that the zipper scrapes your hands when getting into the bag because of its rigid shape. I sold it for that reason.

    Both bags have downsides, but the pap in damier is a MUST have because it's just SO cute and it comes with a baby papillon so it's like two bags for one price! LOVE it. I say get it over the trouville.

    Edit to Add: I forgot to tell you the most important part- Happy Birthday!