Which one to get first? Neo Cabby MM or Suhali lockit

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  1. I'm determined to get BOTH! :yahoo: Neo Cabby in black and Lockit in Verone

    However, my understanding is that both colors are not permanent, and I don't have money to get both at the same time. So... which one will go away first, do you know?

  2. Which one do you think you will use more? They are both GORGEOUS bags but the neo cabby is probably more casual where else the Lockit is more dressy as such. I would probably go for the neo cabby - but thats just me :biggrin: good luck with your choice :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Cabby gets my vote! I can't stop using mine, awesome bag.
  4. oh my gosh, I love BOTH of those bags! Sorry, I'm no help here.
  5. suhali lockit, love love the bag
  6. Black Cabby gets my vote :tup: I just got it & I love it soo much & I'm sure you would too!!
  7. cabby cabby cabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Suhali!
  9. Suhali! There's something about goat...
  10. cabby!
  11. Cabby!! I so want this bag it's gorgeous!!
  12. Lockit!!!
  13. I think I read on here that the black neo cabby is in the permanent collection, so u might want to buy the lockit first

    Personally, I'm not a big lockit fan (except I LOVE the croc one!) so I would buy the cabby
  14. Neo Cabby ,love this bag:tup:
  15. another vote for cabby! It's perfect for everyday uses