Which one to get - black or mauve open toe pumps?

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Which color is better for this open toe pump?

  1. Black, it's classic and goes with everything

  2. Mauve, it's more fun

  3. Neither, don't like the look

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which color would you get for these open toe pumps, black or mauve? The black seem classic and will go with everything but the mauve are very pretty and give a nice pop of color, just not sure if it will be hard to wear. What do you think?

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  2. I love the mauve.
  3. mauve but only if you already have a great pair of black
  4. I love the mauve as well!
  5. Mauve if you have black, otherwise black. Can't go wrong here. Both are lovely.
  6. I really like the mauve, but in this style I prefer the black.
  7. i love the mauve! it's more special.
  8. mauve - agreed with most ladies here...the color is so unique! perfect for spring and summer
  9. mauve
  10. I agree, mauve!
  11. black gets my vote
  12. I like the black more.
  13. I don't love the shade here. It looks pepto pink in this picture. I am all for pink/rose colored shoes, but I don't love it in this style. I like the black better.
  14. personally i love the mauve, but i would check my wardrobe...if they will go with your clothes..why not. i am not a big fan of black shoes..except boots...but i do love exotic black leather/skin...