Which one to choose! MC Piscilla or Speedy !

  1. Your links lead to the same picture ~ both Pricillas. ;)
  2. absolutly speedy
  3. definitely the priscilla! too much hardware on the speedy, jmho.
  4. priscilla!
  5. The leather is too dark on the speedy, so go for the priscilla!
  6. Thanks :heart::heart:
  7. Priscilla! I love the speedy, but I like how the priscilla is a bit "different."
  8. I'd get the Speedy! The Priscilla is cute but it kinda looks like a bowling ball bag IMO.
  9. I like the Priscilla better...but I like structured bags. For the MC line, I like white better. Good luck...I hope you get one of them!
  10. Priscilla, baby! That bag is hot!!! Tell me if fashionphile is trustworthy. They look good, but I'm paranoid :smile: