which one to choose?for my birthday!!

  1. My birthday is coming, I get to choose a present. Of course is LV:yahoo: , the price limit is around 800 euros or a bit more.. so I am thinking these few choices:

    • Monogram: BV, VIVA-CITE MM
    • Denim: Baggy PM
    • Vernis: Pomme Bedford, Red Thompson Street
    • Damier: Saleya PM, Tribeca Long
    • MC: Eliza
    I am more looking for a class, chic purse that has a medim size, not too big or too small, that I can put my Wallet, Sunglass case, phone, keys in it. can be used everyday in summer.

    And more important, I want the purse can last very long, always can stay in good condition. That is why I am worry about the Baggy pm, the SA said the jeans color can be faded over time, the shape will change as well:push: ..is that so?

    I now already have Speedy 30 in mono, Papillon 30 in mono, tulum pm and pochette accessories.

    Any other purse choices? ideas please:nuts:
  2. i would choose the damier saleya Pm
    i think it's very elegant and because of the color, i think it will always stay in good condition :p
  3. howbout something in epi Ivory?
  4. I would go for Bv or Damier saleya PM from the list u have given.Let us know what you decide
  5. I agree. How about one in the epi line and epi ivory is stunning.
  6. Epi or Saleyaa
  7. Saleya PM or Baggy PM :smile:
  8. i like Pomme Bedford but it'll be a twin to your mono Papillon 30 :p
  9. Denim baggy or saleya :smile:
  10. Saleya - will look great for a long time.
    Baggy - fun bag for summer.

    Out of the things you listed, sounds like the Saleya would work best for you.
  11. Batignolles, Salyea, Mini Noe, Baggy PM is my favorite one out of ALL of them!
  12. I think BV is a good choice!
  13. I say either the pomme Bedford or the MC Eliza :heart:

    I think the Eliza would be the perfect bag for your needs - since it's a timeless, medium sized, classy, chic handbag and would be ideal for storing all the essentials you listed above.

    Due to it's strap you'd also have the option of carrying by hand, or over your shoulder, AND, if you bought it in white it would be fabulous for use during the summer months too :yes:
  14. I would go for the denim baggy.
  15. My vote is for saleya pm:smile: