Which one to buy?

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  1. Hi, trying to decide if I should buy a Cartier Love Bracelet or Louis Vuitton bag. I can only have one. Any suggestion.
  2. Love bracelet
  3. I suggest the Love bracelet...you can wear it everyday and you only need one ;)
  4. I hust switched my lv nf bag for my grandmas old ring.. So yup jewellry over bag...maybe you can buy the lv bag later..
  5. Which LV bag you are eyeing? They are generally much cheaper than the Cartier Love and I think you can have both, no?
  6. Considering that you've asked this on the jewelry forum, I'm going to bet everyone votes for the Love bracelet :lol:

    It gets my vote too!
  7. Which love bracelet ab,nd which bag? If you were going for the traditional love bracelet, there may be a way to get both. You can get the cuff and bag. Just a thought.
  8. Love, by far the better pick.
  9. No matter how much I love bags and LV in particular, my vote goes to the Love bracelet. Jewellery over bags.
  10. I'll sound like a broke record and agree with the other posters which LV bag are you eyeing? I would say pre-loved LV bag and new cartier bracelet if you could swing both. but not many LV bags cost more than a love bracelet
  11. Fine jewelry trumps bags any day for me!