Which one to buy??

  1. I've been thinking to buy me one LV bag. Question is which..... should I get Stephen or Speedy perfo in green or pink? Which one would you recommend? I am a bag-aholic, so I don't use one particular bag to death, just to throw it in to my rotation for a change. Any opinions appriciated!!!:graucho:
  2. i'm not a fan of the Perfo line, but the Perfo Speedy looks infinitely better than the Stephen! i can't stand the shape, and the strap, of the Stephen :yucky:
  3. ^^^ I'm just the opposite, I really don't care for the speedy. I like the stephen but again the handles seem to short. If I were to pick between the two it would definitely be the stephen - less common and unique. :yes:
  4. Stephen! It's more the traditional Louis Vuitton colors so it's easier to match. Somehow I'm not a fan of the idea that you can see through the perfo speedy. Kind of disturbing...just my honest opinion though. Try them both and see which makes you happier!!!
  5. No I agree with you. I think the Perfo looks alot better than the Stephen. The Stephen sorta looks like a couple of things put together whereas the Perfo is a new take on the classic. I liked it most in Fuchsia :heart: :P :heart:
  6. i don't really like the seasonal LVs but in this case, i would say pink perfo speedy.
  7. i dont like the stephen..............so i'd say get the perfo speedy!
  8. Are Perfo speedy still available??

    I will vote for Perfo if I have to..
  9. i love the stephen! not a fan of the perfo speedy
  10. It really depends if the bag is for everyday use. The Stephen is too big to carry everyday. So my vote goes to the Speedy perfo in green or pink.
  11. I like the speedy perfo.
  12. im not really into the perfo speedy.

    so im going for stephan.
  13. Perfo speedy...
  14. The perforated speedy reminds me of a little game my kids used to play - I think it was called LITE BRITE and it had all these little pegs and when you plugged it in the pegs glowed in color. If you took the pegs out - it looked just like the perforated speedy. I'm sorry to those of you that love this bag - I just can't get this out of my head when I see it! LOL

  15. LOL!!!! I think the same thing!!!! :lol: