Which one to buy?


What would you do?

  1. Buy all 3 colors of retro & papillon & no winter bags right now

  2. Buy brown/pink retro & pap & have money for winter bags

  3. Buy red/cream retro & pap & have money for winter bags

  4. Buy pink/pink retro & pap & have money for winter bags

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  1. Well I've almost completed my collection of discontinued pieces. All I have left to buy are the CB retro, pap, & a graffiti speedy.
    So here's my dilemma.....At first I wanted all 3 colors of the retro & papillon.....then I decided that was ALOT of money and I'm already planning on buying groom pieces (all of them lol), mono mini lin speedy and an azur speedy this winter. So then I decided...well I'll just get one color of each...and was leaning toward the brown/pink combo because I just bought the brown/pink cles and I think the brown/pink is more versatile in that it can be worn year round.
    I think if I bought all 3 colors in both retro & pap it would drain my winter funds (buying all 6 bags would put me back approx. 6-8K)...but would I kick myself later for not getting all of them. ARG! Or spend around 2-3K on the one color combo and have the rest aside for winter bags.
    What would you do?
  2. the only color scheme i like is the Red/Cream, so get that Papillon and a winter bag :yes:
  3. the red/cream is sooo gorgeous (and of course the most expensive!...there's a red/cream retro on ebay right now for 2K)!
    I'm soooo tossed up. My red/cream pochette is coming from Germany (I just won it this weekend) so I'll finally get to see one IRL.
  4. If I were you, I would buy one discontinued item and still have money for new things coming out. If you try and buy all discontinued items, it will be a never ending task - since this winters bags will be gone and you would still want to buy them later. You will feel like you can't catch up. Personally I stopped hunting down discontinued items I wanted because I had no money left for the new things coming out and I prefer to buy new. KWIM?
  5. I'd only get one of the colours of the discontinued CBs for now and save money for the winter bags (and by winter I'm assuming you mean the Groom and Damier Azur you mentioned?) Cuz those will be unattainable in the future so you may as well get them while you can when they're new instead of having to chase them down later on!

    If later on you decide you want all three colours... well yes.. another year has gone by so it'll be harder, but in the meantime you know you'll own discontinued items that were only ever touched by your hands!
  6. My vote goes to purchasing only the red/cream and getting the winter bags you mentioned.
  7. I also am dying for a CB papillon, but the thought of the CB wearing off is horrible. I would limit that desire too.. maybe one, that will be loved... wow.

    Thanks for making me feel better about the $$ I've spent, obviously, nothing... whew... I was worried about myself....
  8. ;)
  9. I voted for red/cream and getting some winter bags. Maybe you can get pochettes from the brown/pink and pink/pink so that you have something from each color. :shrugs:
  10. I think I must be the only person that dislikes the red/cream combination......

    I think the brown/pink and the pink/pink are both a lot prettier....just MHO.

    Also, I think the brown/pink would be a lot more durable.
  11. Well I already have all of the pochettes in each color and a brown/pink cles. A pap & retro will fulfill my collection.
    I tihnk I could be satisfied with only one...and hubby is ready for me to be done with this discontinued obsession...unfortunately I saved the most expensive for last (CB retro/pap & a graffiti speedy...and possibly a graffiti alma too lol)...he's been OK with these weekly pochette purchases (he still doesn't know about the cerises speedy lol).
    I think the red really pops against the cream....but brown/pink is more versatile for all year round IMHO....I don't know!!!!
    Thanks for all your input so far!