Which one to buy, what do you think?

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2012
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    Hello ladies,
    I wanted to ask your opinion about this. I'm thinking about replacing my Bays Heritage Satchel in Fudge with another Bays that will hold it shape a bit better and that I can use even when it rains. As you prob know by now that I mostly into Sbs's but need a larger Bays just for the days when I has a lot to carry.

    I has been eyeing up 2 Bays on the M.com site and wanted to hear your opinion about what bag you would have choosen and perhaps why. And if you have any other ideas of another bag that might be a nice choice then I'm all ears! Thank you in advance! :smile:

    The ones I been thinking about is the Multicolor floral print patent and the printed bays in chocolate and in black, or perhaps in oak. What do you think about these 3?
    Will I hate the floral one after a few weeks? How is patent wearing over time, does it feel plastic? I never even been thinking about a patent bag before so I'm really completly a noob regarding this material. Does it age well? Or should I go with the printed ones? What do you think? :confused1: would love to hear your opinions. :biggrin:
    multi2.png printedblack.jpg chocolateprinted.png
  2. Choc or black printed, they are both stunning and classic. The floral patent will definitely hit the sale so if you do decide on it hold out til sale time.
  3. I would go for printed either choc or black and get floral print in the sale. :smile: floral print you may not want to use every day but you can with the printed bags!
  4. Thank you for your feedback. Good thinking there about waiting for the sales! What do you think about the oak printed one, do you think it would look ugly if caught out in rain?
  5. Oak printed is gorgeous. I would still spray liberally with collonil waterstop spray though ;) although it should be less maintenance than the NVT oak.
  6. Thank you so much Cprincess for your thoughts! You have a point there with the floral one.
    I love the oak one, but was a bit afraid it would get really ugly in time if it was caught out a few times in rain. But I think you might be right there, I've hadolder styles oak printed bags before l and they were not so easy to damage even if they were often out in the rain, but I dont have any expereince with the newer ones. Oak would be really lovely...
  7. i have to say i love the floral bag i love anything thats a bit diff and in your face stand out from the crowd bag :smile:
  8. Patent doesn't feel plastic imo, it does however crease/wrinkle with use :smile:
  9. I agree about the color and fun to pop a bit of color at times.
    Well it's quite fun as I has the most bland classic colored small collection and during the last weeks I have developed a strong urge for color that has been pretty annoing so far, as I cant get hold of my dream bags, but one more colorful one is coming to reveal soon. I think I will hope the floral one will be really cheap in the sale...lol, one can hope anyway, and wait to the sale for this one. Perhaps another one of my absoloute dreambags will be mine if it does turn out to be authentic, and then I'll wait on the printed one aswel and hope they will be a bit lower i price during the sale too :biggrin:
  10. I've got the floral print in the lily & it's really lovely & a few patent bays. I feel the patent lasts really well. You may get creasing over time if it's not stored well. As the design has a black background it surprisingly works with alot of colours wardrobe wise. If you're an sbs girl & sounds like would be more for the occasional use then I'd go more for this eye catchy piece & no need to worry about protecting it in the rain either. Like others have said, it's seasonal so should be in the sales & wait til then for an even better deal! :biggrin:
  11. I would go for printed either in chocolate or black :smile: They are both so classy
  12. The printed Bays are lovely and could be used all year round :smile:
  13. As you say you're an SBS girl, will this be the only bays you will buy?

    I love the floral print - would I buy it? It would be a great no-worries bag and really stand out too. I would worry whether I would go off it over time and whether I would prefer prints like this on a smaller bag, like it is on the Lily. If it was a great price in the sales, I would definitely get it (if I haven't bought something else instead!!).

    The printed black or choc - you will get lots of use out of these and no need to worry about matching it to what you're wearing, just pick up and go! :biggrin:

    How are you finding your mini croc SBS? Do you think that it's an all-weather bag? I'm still thinking about the mini croc bays!
  14. I'm with just about everyone else on this thread, which doesn't exactly help you!! :biggrin: Essentially, the printed Bays are classy, classic and absolute "keepers" but if you want a pop of colour, durability in the rain and something a bit different then the patent floral is the one. Me, personally? I'd go for the classic but it's YOUR choice and you've got to love her and want to use her. I've bought too many bags that are beautiful but not "really me"!! Now I'm lumbered with rather expensive mistakes! :nogood:
  15. Oh Cupcake, I just love my Sbs Mini-croc, its a fab bag andit is always just right. I use it in rain aswell and I has not (yet) noticed any transfer problem with it. It is almost the only bag I use nowadays. I even been thinking about getting the bigger Bays in this print as I love it so much, but that would be so boring.And I need a bigger Bays for traveling and odd times when I have to carry much. I know the printed one is the ones I guess I would have most use of in the long runs, but the printed one is so lovely...:biggrin:
    We'll see what I decide, perhaps I wait for the sales.