Which one? the Elisha Red or the Natasha Patent Caramel?

  1. I dont have a photo of someone carrying the Natasha.
    I love both, i dont have a red bag or a large brown one.
    I have been using the same small brown handbag for the last 3 years without a change ( i know, i know)... until i discovered this forum! I like the larger bags as i carry around alot of things.

    I cant keep both, please help!
    shop_natasha.jpg Kooba.jpg
  2. I say red Elisha cause its the one i have and i love it and i love the red and i dont love patent leather too much :smile:

    I mean the natasha is cute but i think the elisha is the Kooba of the season by far!
  3. I like both but the Red Elisha is a Shining star this Spring Line. It's a very neutral bag believe it or not. It may not be as large as the Natasha when it's opened but it can hold a fair amount of stuff. Plus it's just so damn pretty!!!
  4. oh my god, i found a photo of it on a dummy and the natasha is HUGE!! oh no, i dont know if i wanted a bag that big! its still nice though but i had no idea it was that size, it looks much smaller in the other photos.
  5. That's what is stopping me. It is huge. Even if the sides were pulled up it is big. The Parker is smaller but I can't decide. I have a feeling this would be a bag I'd use once and in the closet it would go.
  6. The Natasha shown in that pic is shown in the larger size. (you can adjust it two ways) When the sides are pulled up it is the perfect size - I prefer it to the Elisha myself.
  7. I haven't seen the Natsha in real life but I'd be worried that the patent on such a big bag would make it look cheap! But again - I haven't seen it in real life so I may not be the best person here to comment.
  8. If the patent worries you it also looks great in the brown leather being shown now. Such a great bag!
  9. Red Elisha, for sure! That bag is gorgeous!
  10. Another vote the for Elisha! Great colour and really nice design. I find that the Natasha looks a bit too 80's in my eyes! LOL...I dont know why though!