Which one : Small Diamond Stitch or Medium Pocket in the City ??

  1. My husband wants to buy me a Valentine's gift and he already gave me the money :yahoo:.
    But now i'm confuse which one should i get between bags above, both in black. Boutique already holds them for me :tup:
    I'm 2 son's mom 5" 4', likes a tote/roomy bag style, i've owned Caviar Medallion Tote, Cambon Tote, Cotton Club Tote, 2 Large Reporter Cambon.

    Any opinions will help a lot.. Many Thanks !! ;)
  2. Well... I have the large DS tote and love it:love:, so my vote will be for the DS:tup:
  3. I don't have either, but I love the look of the pocket in the city!
  4. Tough call - they both are so nice!
    My vote is going for the Diamond stitch, but its really a close call.
  5. Diamond stitch tote
  6. I vote for the PITC. You already have other totes, and I think the PITC is a nice change. The leather is gorgeous on the pocket in the city.
  7. i do not own any of those bags but i wuld prefer DS tote!
  8. I prefer the diamond stitch tote!
  9. I've never owned a DS, but I have the medium PITC and highly recommend it!
  10. Thanks girls !! So far the DS leading.. anyone ?

    How's the medium pitc (with flap) ? Is the turnlock bothering you ?
  11. I have the PITC with the flap. I love love love it. It is very comfortable under the arm it has 3 compartments and the leather is very nice. I definitely recommend it. It's also a very nice size.
  12. The medium PITC doesn't have a turnlock, you just flip up the flap to get access to the three compartments. Makes it very easy, really.
  13. ^^^I totally agree! I have and love the medium-size PITC flap bag. It has an amazingly sleek silhouette. The leather is an elegant, easy to care for glazed caviar.
  14. Right now Im loving the diamond stitch tote, so thats my vote.