which one should i use this for?

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  1. just got myself a bag charm of the bay...it caught my eye when i was looking for juicy charms...:love:

    should i use it for the belem pm? or my damier speedy 25? thanks!

    (as u might have known, i've been using voodoo dolls as charms..but i feel that the one i have on my belem pm doesn't look good..)
  2. btw, i also bought this one..(i love crowns) but i don't think it will look good on bags... just to show u all!
  3. very pretty--i say either, but if you make me pick one, the belem pm! can we see a pic of it on the bag please too!:yes:
  4. I think this would look great on your damier bag.
    [​IMG] Just because the damier is so dark this will show up nicely :smile:
  5. Very cute! be sure to post pic's of your bags with them on.
  6. Lovely charms...I personally think they'd look fabulous on both!
  7. both of them are damier..:Push:

  8. ^^ i like this charm better :biggrin:
  9. can't wait till they come in the mail :wlae:
  10. put it on the damier...it's lovely, congrats!
  11. which one should i put it on? the damier belem pm or the damier speedy 25??
  12. Oh, haha, forgot to add...on the belem!
  13. dsp_bc136ats_5k.jpg on the speedy :smile:
  14. thanks guys! i'll try it out when i get the charm(s)! then i'll post more pics!
  15. On either would look great! Please post pics...those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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