which one should I pick?

  1. Hi everyone, I want to buy a handbag between $1500-3000. However, there are couple of them are in my wanting list included Balenciaga city bag, Celine small tote, Prada small saffiano, and Chanel GST. I don't know which should I pick, because I like them all. Any advise, suggestion?
  2. Difficult question as they are bit different in purposes.
    If it's everyday bag not too casual I would pick Balenciaga city Cuzco the size is perfect and the bag is so subtle if u are not really into scramming brand type. The bag is gorgeous, classic style and the leather is amazing. I know not a really help cuz I'm biased hahaha I have so many balebciaga. I was thinking to get other brands but couldn't leave the smell and feeling of their leather
  3. haha, I know! City bag is perfect for classic causal style! Actually it was the very first bag that I want, because I am just a student and working part time and the price of BAL is more reasonable and affordable than other bags that in my wanting list. Also, I don't think I will have too much chances to attend any formal events.
  4. Balenciaga too! I have got the City , have had it since 2005 and I am still in love with it.
    The leather is amazing. The style is casual and elegant at the same time.
    All my friends love it too though some of them didn't know it was a Balenciaga, no logos anywhere....That's what I also like about it....
  5. I think Balenciaga might be more up your alley - I LOVE the GST but it's a more grown-up style and not very relaxed, whereas the Bal works for any occasion. You will probably get more use out of the City. In the end, it's your own opinion that matters and I suggest you go through the boutiques, try out the bags and see which screams YOU! :smile:
  6. My vote ones to the Prada Saffiano tote. Its clean lines are gorgeous and the bag can go with jeans and a t-shirt on weekends to business attire on Monday.
  7. Among the four, I would get the Bal city first. I love the leather and everything about the bag :smile:. You could use it for both casual and dressier occasions. If you get a chance though, go to the boutiques and try out the bags before making a decision.
  8. I vote GST - no price increase since 2011 so its coming and it will likely be a big one. So grab it now.
  9. Balenciaga city hands down!
  10. I think its all a matter of taste and function. For me, the GST is too loud but a lot of people love it. If it were me I'd go with the Bal as well. Super functional and the leather is so soft!
  11. If I were choosing for myself, I would pick the Balenciaga Agneau city bag, because I really like the style of the bag moreso than the others that you mentioned and the color choices (in my opinion) are very pretty! :biggrin: Hope this helps! :tup:
  12. You definitely have a lot of choices in that price range. I think the prada saffiano tote is very nice and is definitely one of the few bags I've liked from prada in recent years. I love Chanel and own a bunch of their flap bags, but no totes and from what I've seen and heard the gst over time can lose its shape and I personally don't really love the logo on the side. Having said that, it is a classic and I think a good investment if you love the style. Balenciaga makes great bags and there are a lot of colors to choose from which is nice so if there's a color that really grabs your eye this season this would be a great choice! Celine makes beautiful bags and a lot of them within that price range though I think the totes are not as classic as the trapeze or phantom or luggage bags. All of those styles I mentioned depending on size and leather of course are within that price range as well!! This is part of the fun of buying a new bag! Enjoy~ and hope you find something you absolutely love!!!