which one should I part with?

  1. I have two gold bags, a pale gold Marc Jacobs Venetia with gold hardware, and a darker gold pocket paddy. (There's actually a pic of the pocket paddy in the reference library if you're not familiar with it.)
    I am planning a bag sell-a-thon on eBay, and I'm stuck on choosing which of these to sell. One needs to go.
    The Venetia is the dressier of the two bags; the paddy is super slouchy and looks best casual. The Venetia can go either way, but it's more dressy to me. The gold paddy can actually be worn comfortably on the shoulder though, whereas the Venetia cannot. That's not a huge issue, but it's a minor factor.
    I think I like them both equally, but I rarely wear either of them, so I want to pair down.
    Any opinions??
  2. i'd go with the paddy because i like the design better. do you have other paddies or venetias? if you rarely wear either, i'd sell them both and buy some you'll wear more often. also, the opinions you'll get are going to be biased because you are posting in the chloe section. ;)
  3. i would part w/ the paddy. I :heart: chloe...... but I heard the gold venetia is TDF.

    Can you post of picture of these two bags side by side??
  4. I will post pics tonight.
    Thanks so much! :heart:

    By the way, D&G, your collection ROCKS! I have been meaning to complement you on it for ages.
  5. Oh, thanks KMSNYC :heart: :heart:

    I can get a little obsessed :shame:
  6. I would part with both. I have the same issue where I am letting a lot of my stuff go. It's hard because you take them out to sell them, you look at them and think....I don't know if I want to do this (second guessing). I say get a bag you know you'll probably keep around for a while. Let the Goldies go.